Key Highlights

  • Multiple numbers
  • No additional devices and SIM Card
  • Maintain a balance between personal and professional life
  • Utmost privacy
  • Easy configuration
  • Cost-effective

In a world full of people connected through zillion networks, consumer privacy can be thought of as the core of any business. Besides consumer privacy, the focus can be put on enabling consumers to use multiple mobile numbers without the hassle of having any additional devices.

If so, having an instant virtual number can be thought of as a perfect solution to most of our consumers’ requirement.

What is an Instant Virtual Number?

Instant Virtual Number (IVN) is a virtual number which is configured virtually on the top of your existing primary mobile number. In spite of its virtual nature, it is no different from that of a primary mobile number.

Placing a call through IVN only needs the caller to add a prefix which is given by the operator. This, in turn ensures that the calls received and made using virtual numbers are identifiable.

How is it a boon?

Simple in its nature, Instant Virtual Numbers are engineered to provide a bucket load of benefits.

Below are the top 6 reasons/benefits of using Instant Virtual Numbers which makes it a boon:

Multiple numbers:

Versatile in its applicability, IVNs can cater to the increasing demand of consumers by providing them with as many virtual numbers as one needs. Although consumers can have multiple instant virtual numbers, operators may limit the total number of numbers to three or four per consumer.

No additional devices and SIM Card:

Completely eliminate mobile phones usage for instant virtual numbers as all of these virtual numbers shall be virtually configured on the consumer’s primary mobile number. To put simply, this technology allows providing an instant virtual number on top of the consumer’s existing number which ultimately requires no additional devices and SIM cards. Thus, eliminating the need for having an additional SIM card which reduces the operator’s supply chain cost.

Maintain a balance between personal and professional life

Extensive use of mobile phones in professional, as well as personal lives, make the distinction between personal and official calls difficult. Employing an IVN dedicatedly for personal use can make this distinction clearer.

Utmost privacy:

One of the most top rated concerns of consumers is their privacy which is also associated with modern day vulnerability to security threats. These threats can usually range from social hacking to identifying theft looming. Using IVNs, consumers can have an option to share their contact details with trusted or untrusted parties depending on the nature of work and communication.

Easy configuration

Configuring an IVN is as simple as dialling a phone number on your mobile phone. Consumers can easily configure it by dialling an IVR or USSD code. Not only that, they can manage their numbers all by themselves, which also lets them terminate the virtual number before its expiry date.


Having to handle multiple mobile numbers can not only be exhausting but at the same time expensive. But when it comes to IVNs, both of these attributes are well addressed.

Instant virtual numbers are add-ons to the consumer’s primary number which makes its subscription fee nominal. As the use and dependency of mobile numbers are clearly witnessed in the market today, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to cross the five billion mark by the end of 2019. This leads to increased mobile phone penetration which is forecasted to rise up by 67 per cent by 2019. These statistics can be considered as a testimony to the rising need for having multiple mobile numbers.

Employing an instant virtual number does not only address above mentioned aspects but gives a lot more than that. The new age technology and market demands for a simplified solution and (IVN) is the answer to it.

Enjoy hassle-free and secure two-way communication using (IVN)

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