Mobile spam calls have been a source of annoyance for years. Robocallers and spammers have grown better at this. They have started masking spams with numbers that appear local and genuine. Leveraging the power of the internet, these miscreants shoot off countless calls and people even fall victim to such scams.

92% of the customers prefer calls from brands with a Verified Profile and displayed Call Reason

The impact is equally severe on businesses. As the customers lose a little faith every day, it adds to the losses businesses incur daily, leading to massive damage eventually.

Route Mobile understands how paralyzing these calls become for brands when it comes to providing effective contact center support. With too much uncertainty around, customers today seek secure and reliable communication from the brands. To boost customer engagement, businesses need to adopt solutions that address this one major pain point. This is where Truecaller Verified Business Caller Id adds that trust factor to augment contact center support.

Most of the customers today despise unnecessary calls from a brand. So, when an unknown number pops up in the middle of nowhere, customers want to know who is calling and why before wasting their time engaging with a robocall or spammer.

Truecaller has been efficiently identifying these scam calls and has now come up with a portfolio of innovations for businesses to ease out the concerns. Truecaller Verified Business Caller Identity Solutions addresses the prevalent issues in the most effective manner by routing the calls through a Verified Caller ID.

Establish brand safety and trust in communication with Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID

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Truecaller Business Caller Id helps Businesses to Connect Better with their Prospects

People want smart service and real-time support today. They don’t have time to spend behind annoying calls which are a threat to their security. Truecaller Verified Business Caller Id Solutions have all it takes to offer credible business identity:

Maintain authenticity with a Verified Caller ID

Prevent scammers and fraudsters from misusing your brand name with a verified Truecaller business identity. Establish brand safety and trust in communication. Create a reliable first impression with your customers and leads.

Business Profile Customization

Safeguard your business identity with a customized business profile having your brand name and logo. Once verified, the details are not editable by Truecaller users.

Truecaller Dialer

Native Android Dialer

After Call Screen

Improve Call Efficiency

The appearance of the brand logo and brand name on the handset will help enterprises identify themselves. With this, businesses can build trust among users, gain a competitive advantage, and boost overall call efficiency.

Comprehensive Analytics

Actionable insights on listed numbers, spam support, and call analytics help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Unified Platform with Enhanced Contact Center Solutions

Route Mobile offers contact center automation and enhanced customer engagement capabilities. With the innovation of CXPaaS, quick and easy implementations of all solutions are aimed at bettering customer support at every step of the journey enhancing omnichannel presence and delivery. From BFSI to E-commerce, Travel, Entertainment and more, simplified and spam-free communication stands supreme.

Truecaller augments the 17+ years of strong brand understanding and customer engagement of Route Mobile to deliver a reliable customer experience across the industries. Want to give your customers peace of mind through safer communication? Connect with our experts right here for easy onboarding: