Key Highlights

  • Intelligent message routing (IMR)
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Reduced time to market
  • Unified experience with chatbots
  • Authentic & Secure

Traditionally, businesses reach out to their customers using a single dashboard for individual channels of communications. This is very complex and leaves no room for any customer experience. However, keeping track of every conversation on different communication channels can be cumbersome. Businesses now use multiple channels of communication like SMS, Voice, Email and popular messaging apps. Now, a unified API can manage tasks across multiple channels, all from a single dashboard. Campaign managers can now save their time to reach their customers via a single API than to login to multiple dashboards.

Intelligent message routing (IMR)

It takes the guesswork out of campaigns by reaching customers in real time through their preferred channels. It sends messages through a preferred channel and decides the next course of messaging action based read receipt until the communication is received and completed. The predictive analytics triggers optimised communications for individual channel and measures channel performance as well as campaign performance.


It helps deliver highly customized experiences with unique product recommendations, personalized offers as well as a two-way communication with visually dynamic or rich messages that encourage engagement among the users across online and offline channels using a single API. A personalised campaign can help create brand loyalty.

Integrated Analytics

Some of the strong data insights include key performance indicators, funnel/cohort analysis, path analysis, demographics report, channel performance, data segmentation for remarketing and much more. With these actionable insights, one can segregate the data and plan their upcoming campaigns to get better quality results, develop smart marketing strategies for maximum impact and increase customer engagements.

Reduced time to market:

Omnichannel solutions reduce the development time which accelerates the development and deployment making it easier to go live in real time. The developers can find it is easy to deploy They can use a single API to build their own integrations, select their choice of channels and connect it with their existing systems.

Unified experience with chatbots

Chatbots assist in continuing the conversation from where the conversation originated even if a customer uses multiple devices. As businesses move from phone calls to live chats, they struggle to provide instant answers, which is of prime importance in chats. Chatbots solve this problem completely and provide programmatic responses in the blink of an eye.

Authentic & Secure

It generates, delivers, and validates OTPs for one-time password recovery, registrations or verify customer identity across any communication channel. It assists in routing conversations from channels to a fully controlled and branded environment that is owned by the organisations, such as a website or a mobile app which enhances security and privacy.

Omnichannel platforms assist businesses to engage with their customers not only via messaging apps in a mobile setting but also on traditional channels, such as SMS, email & voice, using a single API.

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