When you need to get in touch with someone quickly or engage with a customer through their preferred channel, sending an email to text might be the perfect solution. In cases with no internet connection available, sending an Email via SMS may be helpful for providing important information at the right time. Even though companies seldom use SMS gateways to send text messages instead of email, it may be a useful tool in an emergency. This ensures that urgent messages get to their intended audience right away.

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Integration and automation software can be used to integrate email channels and SMS sending platforms to turn an email into an SMS. Every email platform can be used to send an SMS from a newly created online SMS gateway account. This process of sending an SMS from an email channel is called “Mail2SMS.” Route Mobile provides a unified solution for this process, making integration even simpler.

How does Mail2SMS work?

How does email to SMS work? - Route Mobile

Mail to SMS is sent just like any other email. After integrating a provider like Route Mobile’s automation software, the recipient’s mobile phone number needs to be added in the “To:” section followed by “@mail-sms.com”. Here the desired format is as shown in the example “+447911123456@mail-sms.com”. The subject line, on the other hand, must be left void.

Due to the fact that an email message is delivered in a text format, the message must be within 160 characters or else it will be delivered as a multi-part message. This means the large message gets split into multiple parts via SMS over the phone. Sender names or verified domains can be changed for every email address being used in the Mail SMS application. Also, no signatures are required in the email unless they are needed to be copied into the SMS and delivered. This comprises the entire process of Email2SMS.

Features of Mail2SMS

Using Route Mobile’s email service platform SendClean in conjunction with Mail2SMS, you can send SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously

Compatible with all electronic mail solutions and terminals (PC, Mac, mobile, etc.)

This module allows the SMS to be personalized in various ways (with regard to the content and sender of the message)

It detects duplicate SMSs to avoid sending the same text repeatedly to the same recipient

A real-time tracking system is available in the customer area for monitoring shipments and statistics

Sends SMS using SQL Server’s email function

An option to schedule SMS messages using an emailed CSV file

The Benefits of Mail2SMS

How to send SMS to users - Route Mobile

Send SMS to one or many users

Through RouteMobile’s Email2SMS software, personalized notifications can be sent to users. It also enables the sending of targeted marketing messages or bulk SMS to inform all at once.

No Technical Skills Required

The Email2SMS gateway is very easy to integrate into the existing standard email program without the need for any additional software.

Email to SMS integration - Route Mobile
Know your Sms traffic - Route Mobile

Real-Time Analytics on Text Messages

The powerful analytics tool gives a real-time and detailed overview of the SMS traffic so that it can be tracked, traced, and optimized as per the messaging flows.

The fastest way to reach end users

Important technical details can be quickly communicated within an operating team, where even a lost internet connection will not fail the SMS delivery.

Fast delivery with SMS - Route Mobile
Secondary communication Channel through SMS - Route Mobile

Simple deployment and operation

Due to its easy deployment and operation, SMS can be used as a secondary communication channel to emails by most industrial, chemical, and medical organizations. Moreover, it is compatible with the simplest handset and hence is cost-effective.

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Your business can benefit greatly from mobile marketing (for product promotion) – and sending SMS messages using email is an effective way to accomplish this. Using this system, you can send ordinary emails to recipients, and they will receive SMS messages in return. The Email to SMS (text) application allows you to receive text alerts when VIPs you designate send you emails. What if you tried contacting a prospect several times by phone and email—but they didn’t respond? Email to SMS is capable of resolving many such issues as these.

As an example, if your department or business is focused on speedy operations, you could easily set up SMS alerts to buzz your phone whenever you receive an email from a member of your team. You will not miss important business emails or take too long to respond to a demo request, a recruiting lead, or a client opportunity once you start using Email to SMS (text). Talk to an Expert NOW!