Integrating a business’ communication channels into CRM together can help them reduce workload considerably and also helps improve its efficiency manifold. Businesses that use customer relationship management (CRM) software are often ahead of their competitors. The software is an excellent assistive tool that helps your teams– marketing, customer, or sales—target and track probable and potential customers. It also helps manage their relationship lifecycle. The results are a testament to this fact. The rate of opening a text message is a whopping 94%, better than any other medium of communication. Email also has its own benefits. Many businesses use email to nurture relationships in the early days of the sales pipeline or top of the marketing funnel. This is when customers need to take their time to understand the details, consider their competitors, and get educated on your product or service.

The biggest difference, also an advantage in their respective formats, between email and text messaging is its length. While emails are long, contain more detail, and can include a variety of rich media, text messages are much shorter in length, 160 characters per message, and are very focused on one point or action.

Highlighting A2P SMS

Let us understand what A2P or Application-to-Person is. It is the process of sending mobile messages from a business application to a mobile user, which is usually via an automated process, for marketing or service reasons. Instead of using messages that are high on volume and low on promotional value, customers can receive content tailored according to their past interactions. For example, high priority alerts cover anything from package delivery notifications to real-time anti-fraud alerts, emergency alerts and extreme weather warnings, and appointment reminders. They are generally one-way communications that don’t require a response, with classic examples including notification and reminder texts, code authentication, or access to account logins.

Choosing the right approach to using A2P SMS in your business is key. To begin, you need to ensure you understand where exactly your organization will benefit from an A2P solution. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What frustrations, limitations or problems do they face with your service? If it can be addressed by sending a text message to the customer, then A2P is the way to go for your business.

By coupling texting and emails with CRM software, businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage a range of abilities and features which are otherwise not possible through standalone text marketing software. Now, if your business is currently using a CRM or is looking to use one in the future, consider leveraging the power of SMS with email for an even better advantage. Let’s have a look at Route Mobile’s SMS App and its salient features to understand it better.

Route Mobile SMS App

The Route Mobile SMS App for Salesforce is a powerful business messaging solution that connects your brand to your audience at a global level! With Salesforce it is possible to run powerful text-based campaigns from within Salesforce itself. With the Route Mobile SMS App for Salesforce, it is possible to gain insights from a powerful dashboard with actionable insights, as you can make informed decisions to deliver superior customer experiences.

Features of Route SMS App

  • Application-to-Person seamless interaction
  • User-friendly interface and faster installation
  • Instant message delivery across the globe
  • Campaign performance metrics and actionable insights
  • Easy upload and delivery of Group SMS
  • Easy integration with Salesforce®

Also, let’s explore why we should need a CRM with text messaging or email tools

For most businesses, the main objective of using CRMs is building relationships and increasing sales. The biggest point of doing that is because SMS notifications grab attention quickly. As per studies, 90% of messages are opened within 90 seconds. Connecting CRM allows both applications to give a voice to each other and seamlessly share and sync data. It also boosts productivity and can indirectly help increase revenue. When it comes to customer relationship management, an SMS-email-CRM integration enables you to send individual text messages as well as bulk messages, and that can reap many benefits for businesses. By using both of them smartly, you can improve the sales process in a variety of ways.

Keeps your customer data always updated

What happens is that your text messaging platform will sync with your CRM, and the same goes otherwise. So if a customer changes his/her contact details in your texting tool, the new information will automatically be transferred across to your CRM. Having accurate records is crucial, especially if you regularly run customer reports from your CRM. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of combining SMS and email within your CRM is the increased effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

For sales and marketing teams that rely on managing customer relations and closing deals, combining text messaging and email automation can be your next best step forward.