The world is driven by communication technology and its evolution in recent years has led to a change in the way brands communicate with their customers, both in terms of customer connection and industry verticals. Connected Technology ensures that enterprises are constantly in touch with their target audience by systematically planning their communication strategies and helping them address and resolve potential issues. This opens the door to new possibilities for revenue streams while enabling better CX, improving customer engagement rate and market reach.

Today, the impact of connected technology can result in huge advantages in the early stages of the production process. Free from geographical restraints, brands can now contact their customers at any time, from anywhere and vice versa. With this It is safe to say that the innovative cloud communication platforms have the ability and power to impact every area of our lives, businesses and industries.

Connected Technology and the Retail Industry

Online to offline shopping (O2O), virtual payment options, and online shopping in general have accelerated the retail industry during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Today, communication channels have come a long way from the character-limited days of SMS. Now, retailers can use different channels and platforms to deliver fabulous customer experiences. Thanks to Connected Technology and cloud communication platforms, brands can now provide more personal and engaging content, not just to their existing customers, but to their potential clients as well.

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A better collaboration through connectivity will also help brands to increase their sustainability, efficiency and maintain transparency with their customers to get personalized assistance!

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Here are a few real-world use cases to understand how Connected Technology is shaping the retail industry:

Send Personalized Content:

If a customer purchases footwear from your website, you can immediately share a range of similar products with them via RCS Business Messaging (RBM). Here, you can customize the content and share rich promotional campaigns which eventually will increase your cross selling possibilities. Since RBM supports 2-way communications, you can connect with the customers and provide personal assistance virtually.

Personalized Content

Connect with Customers Instantly:

The classic use case for the WhatsApp Business Solution is service review. You could send a WhatsApp text message to your customer and request them to share their feedback as soon as they have completed a transaction. This way you get to understand your customers and their expectations in a seamless yet better way.

Connect with customers instantly via WhatsApp Business Solutions

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Leveraging Verified SMS

Spamming your prospects with messages from random unknown phone numbers will not help any brand confidence with your customers. It is important to make sure that every touchpoint is trusted and secure, with your familiar branding. You are more likely to receive a reply from your customer if your profile is verified with a verification badge. Verified Messages enables retailers and brands to send multilingual messages with logos, colours, and links.

Leveraging Verified SMS

Now that mobile and online shopping is permanently ingrained into a consumers’ shopping habits, retailers must understand that promoting online shopping is just as important as in-store experiences. In the 80s, no one could have predicted how technology has developed and evolved with time. We are now in a position where communication technology has become a crucial part of any and every business and industry. Being one of the leading global cloud communication platform service providers, we at route mobile understand that, with so many advances happening every single day the opportunities for brands to grow are limitless. So, if you too aspire to become your customers’ first choice, then get in touch with us today!

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