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As a business owner if you have a large customer database and are unsure of the validity of the mobile numbers? Then, number lookup is one of the tools at your disposal that you can use to deal with CRM with the help of mobile and landline numbers when they are combined.

Businesses come from a wide range of different industries, and there are various number lookup services which are also known as HLR lookup. There are many reasons that might be necessary for SMS messaging and using the service properly for businesses can help strengthen the SMS marketing campaign. It can help in cleaning up the lists for the deactivated numbers, switched off, or roaming. It is important to update databases that help in keeping track of the numbers which is valid and active. Number lookup is a very cost-effective service that acts as a less costly method of sending out text messages to customers who might not receive them.

What is Number Lookup

Number Lookup is more commonly known as HLR (Home Location Register) lookup can be defined as a particular telecommunication service that can help contact a central database from the operator’s side which contains details of a particular mobile phone subscriber is authorized to use the core GSM network. Just within the last few years, number lookup queries have been found in a vast variety of useful applications and programs that are based on mobile phone numbers.

What is Number Lookup- Route Mobile

Companies have been using them to automatically check the validity and status of mobile phone numbers and their databases which has helped in optimizing various processes and reducing the overall costs. Phone numbers contain information that differentiates it from any other phone number in the world. Every phone number contains information that differentiates it from other phone numbers across the globe.

The IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is a fifteen-digit number that carries different types of information about MCC (Mobile country code), MNC (Mobile network code), and MSIN (Mobile Subscription Identification number). The last ten digits describe the MSIN, which is a unique number that the carrier uses in identifying the user’s mobile phone number.

Number Lookup helps with MNP (mobile number portability) helps you check whether the mobile number is ported or not. The subscriber of one mobile network operator helps in transferring from one operator to another but keeps the same number, and it is a common occurrence in every country across the world.

Number lookup is an excellent feature that helps you understand if the phone number is roaming and is of crucial importance which can help in protecting your clients and preventing fraudulent actions towards the account.

How does number lookup work

There are two main ways of performing a successful number lookup, one is synchronous which is performed over HTTP API which a client sends either as a single request or a multiple number lookup query. It is important to remember that with this type of lookup you can make multiple number lookups that you’ll have to wait on until every single lookup is completed. It is important to remember that a list of numbers that need to be checked, can also lead to a queue.

Asynchronous number lookup is done over a dedicated notify URL which is set by a client to work differently, and it is possible to send as many requests as you can without waiting for them to be completed. It is important to remember that you will get a notification with a URL that you can get as soon as you receive it. Depending on the operator, you will be able to receive the entire bulk list at one time and it is possible to receive all the numbers by itself. It is convenient if you have a large number of databases or multiple databases.

Benefits of using number lookup

The response that you receive by looking up numbers with synchronous REST HTTP API is great as you can send out individual requests regardless of whether its single or in bulk. The responses should be visible within just a couple of seconds between sending and receiving a request that can be prolonged by various issues.

Mobile operators have a limited number of requests which could be processed within a fixed time period, and it makes the delivery slower. It is important to wait for the query of the last number to be processed before receiving the response for the entire lookup request. The asynchronous API with an improved speed is great as you can receive a real-time notification which is different in cases other than speed. This version is much more complicated to integrate with the server which is required both from the client’s side in a response to the particular request. Clients are more advised in setting up a secure firewall for data protection.

How brands can use number lookup in 2022

Brands can use number lookup in the year 2022 in various centers and it is great as you can use this feature in improving the functionality of the business. Here are some of the different ways that brands can use number lookup in the year 2022:

Applications of Number Lookup – Route Mobile

Call Centers:

Calling dead numbers can be a waste of time, money, and other resources which is where they can take the time in performing regular number lookups which makes it an important task for them. By having clean and contactable data, it is important to receive higher returns from campaigns that involve the removal of different mobile phone numbers staff’s morale that can be boosted.


Both online and offline retailers can help in regularly contacting customers with sales and purchase information, discount codes, and special offers. Doing, it ensures that the messages reach the maximum number of people and online retailers have been using this lookup service in confirming customers’ numbers before sending out messages based on order confirmation and shipping information.


There is a continued threat and fraud which is why it commonly uses SMS in completing the two-step verification process. The process that is required for account security and fraud prevention ensures that the phone numbers are both valid and reachable. It helps in verifying the phone numbers of millions of people, in optimizing the delivery of OTPs.

Mobile Applications:

App developers are great as you can use the number lookup in various ways in verifying prospective customers, especially when sending out a verification message to phone number owners in ensuring that it is a valid and active phone number.

Thus, Number lookup is a great feature and a tool that can help in providing a contactable number when signing up for them so that they can reach out to them at a later date. Hence, number lookup is a fantastic feature and tool that businesses and enterprises can use in running their campaigns.