A2P SMS Messaging has been the dominant messaging channel, with more than 5.32 billion people owning mobile devices globally. With more than 16 million SMS messages being sent out every minute worldwide, more than 60% of consumers read their text messages within the first 5 minutes (Source: World Economic Forum). However, with the advent of RCS Business Messaging, there has been a greater shift in usage as businesses have begun adapting their communication strategies to leverage the benefits of channels. Let us briefly overview RCS Business Messaging and understand why more businesses aim to transition to it.

How do you define RCS Business Messaging, and what are its features and benefits?

RCS Business Messaging can be defined as Rich Communications Services, an IP-based message service provided to mobile phone users through operator networks. This form of messaging is used for Person-to-Person and Application-to-Person (A2P) communication.

The benefit of RCS Business Messaging is to deliver exceptional, interactive mobile experiences for consumers. RCS Business Messaging provides numerous features, including multimedia message capability, suggested reply buttons, barcode delivery, click-through options, and sending carousel messages with the help of multiple images. Another added benefit of RCS Business Messaging is that it is natively available with users’ Google Messaging App.

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How secure is RCS Business Messaging for your business?

Messages sent out between end-users and businesses are also further encrypted between transit between RCS Business Messaging and Google servers between telecom operators and users’ devices. The features offered by RCS Business Messaging have become more secure than SMS messaging, particularly regarding security features applied through operators.

The RCS Business Messaging user base has been growing steadily, with more than 3.6 billion active Android devices present worldwide (Source: Mobile Squared Report). With RCS Business Messaging being released through the Google Messages app, the reach has been growing at a faster rate by providing telecom operators with the ease of connection to the entire global RCS Business Messaging network.

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How has RCS Business Messaging set itself apart from SMS Messaging?

RCS Business Messaging is a fantastic communication service that has set itself apart from SMS messaging with its rich feature set. More brands are moving from SMS to RCS Business Messaging to benefit from a rich feature set and additional features that can be provided to their customers. There were more than 1.7 billion unique RCS users in 2022, and this number is all set to rise. Let’s dive into the benefits of RCS Business Messaging for your business.

RCS Business Messaging brings forth many benefits and features with a unique app-like experience, and businesses can include RCS business messaging as part of their communication strategy. RCS Business Messaging creates visually appealing, attractive, and engaging messages which will help create more clicks and a higher conversion rate.

Features of RCS Business Messaging

  • Here are the new features of RCS Business Messaging:

  • Suggestive replies and actions: RCS Business Messaging allows embedded clickable buttons to be displayed on their own or the rich media card. The cards are visually appealing, which can help increase the overall chances of recipients along with an interaction that results in a conversion.

  • Rich media carousels: RCS Business Messaging can help combine rich cards into a single interactive unit, which can help increase the overall click-through rates. The intuitive feature brings scrolling, tapping, and swiping to the next level without adding or installing new applications.

  • Utilizing the customer’s phone number: RCS Business Messaging can help leverage the existing customer data, and there is additional contact information. RCS Business Messaging cannot be delivered in this case, and SMS Messaging is used as a fallback.

  • Improved branding through customization: As a business, it’s important and even crucial to deliver exceptional branded customer experiences with important brand elements like logo, brand name, and corporate colors on the screen. RCS Business Messaging can also help with capturing the attention of your customers directly into their inboxes.

  • In-depth metrics – RCS Business Messaging helps you track important metrics like the open/see rate, click-through rates, and frequency of customer interactions. With the help of a detailed campaign, metrics can help plan future activities for improving conversion rates.

  • Length of longer messages – Send out multiple messages with various associated costs, and businesses can send out lengthier messages to customers.

  • Verified sender – Senders can register and get verified by the RCS service provider, ensuring authentication and reliable communication for brands and customers. Build trust with your consumers, especially with the messages they receive, which becomes essential for essential content and increased response rates.

How can brands use RCS effectively for your business?

RCS Business Messaging can help drive greater engagement for your entire business by having greater experience driving further engagement. Your customers will be able to help their brands evolve their use cases to help achieve more significant business and measurable results and have a great return on investment..

In conclusion, RCS Business Messaging has seen tremendous growth and is all set to grow from USD 5.2 billion in 2020 to USD 11.7 billion by 2025. It is estimated that the CAGR is all set to grow at a rate of 17.6% during the same time period, and the projection is incredibly encouraging, ensuring that RCS Business Messaging will continue to grow during this time period.

RCS Business Messaging will shine brighter than ever, with fantastic results for customers with a combination of RCS and SMS messaging solutions. When businesses choose RCS Business Messaging, it allows people to expand the SMS use case with the help of rich interactive messaging with a single interface. RCS Business Messaging provides a good backup option to ensure that messages are delivered.

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