About the organisation

It is an established company in the education sector providing training in language skills, interviews, examinations etc. and also imparts training through a mobile app.

We Assisted this Company to Run its Job Portal Efficiently and Connect with its Target Audience Using Our WhatsApp Business Solution

Challenges Faced

Although the organisation was able to connect with its users and target audience seamlessly, it wanted to streamline all the notifications over a single channel. Using traditional SMS was only meeting basic requirements when it came to sending live class notifications and the company wanted to leverage a feature rich and widely used application to relay its automated updates and notifications to their existing and future prospects.

Route Mobile Case Studies Edtech Illustration


Scripted the success story by

  • Deploying our conversational API based WhatsApp Business Solution to relay real-time notifications with their prospects, like – BOOK A CLASS, CLASS ABOUT TO BEGIN, PLAN NEARING EXPIRY, CLASS FEEDBACK
  • Enabling the company to send enhanced content that included instructional videos, which helped easy on-boarding of their prospects
  • Allowing the company to collect real-time feedback on their faculty performance, as well use the actionable insights in gauging student dynamics, requirements

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Assisted in providing a content rich mobile experience
  • Enabled real-time communication of critical notifications and updates
  • Ensured a channel to share class and faculty feedback for
  • Significantly improved the overall user experience, engagement and CSAT