About the organisation

The company runs an esteemed online job portal that caters to aspiring candidates. It offers prospective candidates with job boards, recruitment and college placement ads, as well as education, training and skills development.

We Helped Streamline and Simplify the Recruitment Process with Our WhatsApp Business Solution

Challenges Faced

With a user base of 15 million and 300,000 resumes added every month, the organisation needed to add value to its user engagement and enhance its current SMS and email notifications.

Route Mobile Case Studies Online Job Portal Illustration


Scripted the success story by

  • Leveraging Route Mobile’s WhatsApp Business Solution to seamlessly connect with prospective candidates
  • Adding automation to their existing channels to communicate with their target audience
  • Enabling the online portal to send out notifications and alerts on career opportunities, interview details and reminders
  • Helping the company build a credible talent pool on WhatsApp
  • Improving their CSATs by allowing candidates to leave their feedback, as well as gain vital insights on targeted campaigns