About the organisation

It is a rapidly growing Life Insurance Company which provides exclusive Insurance products that cater to individuals and groups, addressing their different protection requirements.

Enabled Seamless Communication of an Esteemed Life Insurance Company with WhatsApp Business Solution

Challenges Faced

With a growing number of new customers, the company found it difficult maintaining their service levels with their current engagement platforms. The institution also was in need of an effective channel to communicate real-time notifications and updates with their customers. Overall, these pain points were causing their CSATs to drop, which negatively impacted their brand proposition.

Route Mobile Case Studies Insurance Illustration


Scripted the success story by

  • Integrating our WhatsApp Business Solution into the company’s customer engagement system, for real-time and secured notification delivery
  • Enabling Chatbots on their WhatsApp that notified customers on time by sending direct messages after a successful opt-in
  • Setting up a platform for their customers to get first level information like branch locations, policy updates etc.
  • Building a positive and trusting relationship with the customer

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • Bettered CSATs and improved customer engagement levels
  • Introduced automation to connect with their customers with greater levels of security
  • Helped leverage a connectivity application like WhatsApp with a large user base to seamlessly integrate with their existing customer communication channels
  • Successfully introduced automation to their customer engagement model