About the organisation

It is an electronic company headquartered in Karachi offering sales and services to a leading kitchen appliance’s company. The electronics have now turned into a subsidiary for the client and it deals in warranty and services only.

IVR efficiently and effectively helps to standardise the sales team performance & analyses the success ratio with a 12% increase in sales productivity of a leading electronics company.

Here is an insight on how we collaborated with a leading electronics company and enabled it to #RouteItRight by enriching its customer communications using our product IVR.

Challenges Faced

Client was facing a challenge of managing the sales review in a timely and efficient way. Its previous sales review system would take extra time for updating the data entry, due to which the client faced difficulties in adopting the complex tool laborious process of continuous maintenance, information updating, information cleansing and system upgrades.

Home and kitchen appliances client

Scripted the success story by

Deploying a customized IVR system designed for reviewing each sales team member.

  • Employees were asked to enter their 10 digits mobile number and employee ID for the authentication purpose
  • Enabled sales person to track his/her performance and enter the target details with multi level IVR related questionnaires
  • Enabled the salesperson to call the IVR on a given number and track his/her performance based on the given targets
  • Managers were also given the UI to view, add and manage scores of their employees
  • Dashboard analytics for review of success ratio

Outcomes of #RouteItRight methodology

  • End-to-end project automation
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Easing the load on employees & manager
  • 12% increase in sales productivity