How do I use Telegram for business?

There is a huge list of reasons on why you should use Telegram for business and there are two main reasons behind this which are sales or support. The main core reasons behind using Telegram for business are:

Telegram for customer support

Customers when they contact you have a vast variety of different questions about a particular product or service and it is possible to use these interesting features which offer next-level support. Some of the core areas where help would be particularly useful in terms of customer support are:

  • Sharing documents
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video calling

Thus, as a business owner it is important to use these features while choosing a much more basic approach and Telegram is a fantastic addition to all of your support channels.

Telegram for sales

With Telegram you can also handle orders accordingly and it is important for sharing updates on particular products and sales. Here are some interesting features that you can use to create which will guarantee you more brand awareness and increase your overall sales as well. Some of the major reasons behind choosing Telegram for sales is for:

  • Creating channels: It is possible to create channels by sharing discount codes or updates directly with your customers.
  • Utilizing voice messages: The various admins of channels and public groups host active voice chats for millions of live listeners. It is a fantastic way to inspire your customers in terms of getting product releases or promotions.