How does Voice Broadcasting work?

Voice broadcasting is based on VoIP, which helps to eliminate the need for physical equipment. They are either in the form of software that is installed on a computer or an application that is hosted on the cloud.

It is easy to set up and requires only a few minutes for installation, and it is possible to get started with calling with just a simple computer, headset, and internet connection.

Call centers that cater to a wide range of services and different industries might require specific calling campaigns. It is possible for managers to create campaigns, assign agents and define rules according to a certain requirement.

Voice broadcasting can help you select the right numbers to call from a pre-defined list based on certain rules. Before connecting to live agents or playing a recorded message, Voice Broadcast can filter out unproductive leads.

You can connect agents to calls whenever they are answered by an actual person, and as soon as the call ends, the dialer will automatically connect to the next contact.

Voice broadcasting will help you start dialing the following numbers even before the end of the current call, which is known as predictive dialing.