What are the different Voice Broadcasting techniques?

Voice broadcasting can be divided into 4 different types of services.

Preview dialerThis type of voice broadcast signals to an agent when they are ready for another call and they are presented with the right information about an upcoming contact. Agents can review the material and they will have all the necessary information in order to best address the situation. This type of dialing is more often used in the case of sensitive and complex calls. Preview dialers also provide agents with greater context to interact with the customer, also reducing the overall pace of outbound calling.

Progressive dialerThe dialer is quite similar to preview dialing and indicates seamlessly to agents whenever they are ready for the next call. The main difference is that agents will receive less information about the customers simultaneously whenever the call is placed. It speeds up the entire outgoing call process, which gives less time for agents to prepare. It helps to reduce the amount of time being spent, and place progressive dialing is great for improving the overall customer service along with increased loyalty. Progressive dialing is a great tool for the sales team to renew or upsell current customers.

Predictive dialersA predictive dialing solution helps connect agents to live callers as soon as an agent is done with the previous call. These systems help determine when the next call should occur based on metrics like average call duration. It is one of the most productive speedy calling options and can help reduce overall abandoned calls. It is mainly used for outbound sales prospecting, market research, telemarketing, and customer service follow-up.

Power dialer Power dialing calls the next number on a contact list as soon as an agent is available and helps to queue the next call immediately to reduce dialing time. Power dialing can help enhance customer service by ensuring that customers always end up with an agent at the other end of the line.