May 28, 2021

Session Time:
IST 03:10 pm to 04;05pm or IST 15:10 hrs to 16:05 hrs

Event Name:
Pitch CMO Virtual Summit – 2021
The Power of Brand Love

Virtual Event

About this event:
In today’s age consumers have started to connect with certain brands and hold them closer to their hearts. Brand Love is a powerful concept and building communication strategies around it foster stronger brand-consumer relationships. The theme of this year’s Pitch CMO Virtual Summit – 2021 is “The Power Of Brand Love.” The event comprises brand leaders and marketers and aims to encourage dynamic conversations on brand love as the perfect remedy in a re-imagined environment.

The event will be held virtually on Friday, May 28, 2021, from 2 PM onwards. Let’s uncover some latest trends and insights that boost customer confidence in a brand and drives purchase decisions. The event will host 3 rounds of panel discussions, the first being ‘Brand Love – Going Beyond Algorithms.’ Milind Pathak, Chief Business Officer, Route Mobile Limited, will be one the esteemed members on the panel.

The panel aims to explore –

  • In the era of personalization, have brands missed out on the personal connect?
  • Can a mechanical approach to consumer experience lead to an emotional connection with the brand?
  • How can brands build brand love in the era of highly mechanized UX ad UI
  • How do brands stay true to their values that consumers love in an algorithm-driven era?
  • How do you leverage data to enhance the customer experience?

Meet the team:
Milind Pathak, CBO