Conversational Chatbots In Food Chain Industry

By Rajdipkumar Gupta

If people can’t stop chatting, how can bots remain behind? Now-a-days, chatbots are becoming more popular in fields such as e-commerce, travel and tourism, universities, personal assistants etc. According to a study, by 2025, the Conversational AI market is poised to grow to a massive $13.9 billion. But even before that, virtual agents will handle up to 90% of customer service queries (2022), and businesses will save 5 billion hours (2023).

But there are chatbots that are especially a hoot for an industry such as the food chain industry; these hit different. Now, in order to get things going, a chatbot would require the arsenal it needs to ensure smooth functionality. Some of the major ones include language selection, product and price details, table booking, reschedule booking, cancel booking, corporate banking, and enquiries. Before we get into the ‘how’, let us understand why exactly the food chain industry needs a chatbot and what the benefits of a conversational chatbot are.

Stronger Connect with Youth

Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular – 69% of users prefer a chatbot over any other channel of communication as they give instant and accurate responses 24/7. The reason may be as simple as this: With many millennials preferring to communicate with an online business instead of people over the phone, using a chatbot can help attract a younger audience. Chatbots are also good for appealing to customers who don’t want to download an application but still want a quick and simple ordering experience. Chatbots will help users acquire information on which potential destinations they need to visit ideally on the off chance that they are under restricted time-opening requirements. Basically, to put things imply in perspective, chatbots can mimic human conversations using technology based on AI.

Brand Loyalty

The bots are also given different names which helps customer distinguish you from others and also take it as an extension of the brand. For example, using chatbots on a messenger platform can help entice occasional customers to become regulars and build brand loyalty if they like your bot. Besides simply addressing and answering customer grievances, chatbots help funnel sales in an efficient manner since it builds the foundation for digital interactions. This will lead to a quicker customer response which will in turn drive customer engagement and ultimately result in increase in business conversion. Automating this with Chatbots allows the food industry to build a stronger digital bond with their customers.


Stay In The Moment

Chatbots can participate in the two-way conversation by relying on machine learning and deep learning to improve the customer experience. The use of chatbots in multiple restaurants chains and fast food outlets is having an instrumental impact on the way the industry interacts with customers and processes orders. And it is only natural, because chatbots not only speed up conversations or encourage more sales, but they also ensure or build brand loyalty and, probably the most important factor for a food chain, the brand stays current in a diverse and digital market.

The best thing about the restaurant Chatbot is that it can nurture the customer relationship and continuously stay in touch. Intelligent Chatbots analyze customer details and interactions. They can reply with options that are more suitable. All these capabilities make Chatbots an invincible part of modern restaurant and food chain businesses. Route Mobile Chatbots are smart and intelligent virtual agents that enable an enterprise to enhance its brand experience. Reach out to our team of experts (the real ones!) in order to get more details and information on conversational chatbots.