CPaaS – An Ultimate Solution to Stand out in the CX economy!


CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, as we all know, has opened the most compelling prospects in the cloud communication space.

This noticeable change is driven by the increasing adoption of conventional ways like SMS and voice. Along with it, the adoption of all the new technological innovations is responsible for driving a new force in the CPaaS world. Also, the new tech includes conversational automation with AI, real-time video, omnichannel offerings, and advanced messaging media.

With so many open opportunities in the CPaaS cloud communication world, there are cloud communication companies that are already well-established players in the CPaaS space. In such a competitive market it’s crucial to keep knowledge of what are the key factors and features that set them apart from other CPaaS players. And Route Mobile is very well positioned as the CPaaS player.

It’s known to all of us that stones decay, but words last; similarly, good business is only dependent on the quality of customer experience. Furthermore, 38% of respondents are envisioning top-line growth in revenue. Along with it, 66% are considering to deliver a remarkable CX as one of the most crucial aims. The shortage of developers, legacy technology, and lack of time is the main roadblock to delivering better CX. Also, almost half of the respondents expect to enhance their mobile experience. For this, businesses need to add omnichannel experiences.Source: Mendix

The respondents determined the key solution for delivering better CX was CPaaS. So, what is CPaaS? Why does CPaaS enhance CX?

What’s CPaaS?

CPaaS provides cloud-based multilayered middleware. It also provides integrated development environments and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These features are offered to leading application players where they are able to develop, run, and distribute communication software. This feature also helps them integrate communication capabilities into apps, business processes and services like video, voice and messaging.

CPaaS is beneficial on so many levels that instead of tearing down existing systems, companies can add various real-time communications parameters to it. Also, they can start maximizing their investments into existing techs, so that their current systems can’t go in vain. In the past, it was difficult to make the existing system extensible. Earlier, developers had to develop a standalone application from scratch just to make the current one work.

However, now due to CPaaS, it’s become easier, as it provides a development environment. This framework contains APIs, software development kits, and pre-built apps. These parameters will help companies to speed up their development, simplify integrations, and help to personalize their communications framework to fulfill their customized needs.

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How? does CPaaS enhance CX?

Multimedia and video messaging, text messaging, mobile and web-based real-time communication, outbound voice calls, and inbound call routing; all of these are modern communication stack features, and CPaaS helps developers to incorporate these into their companies’ communications.

The only challenge faced in CPaaS for CX is finding and using the right channel for the correct crowd. One of the customer surveys found that 75% aren’t able to do business, due to a lack of customer reach, as the company doesn’t offer or prefer communication options. Therefore, 96% of consumers become frustrated, and 48% of consumers are diverted toward competitors.

On the other hand, when businesses choose to use the preferred channel, where they can get consumers, then they make 40% more purchases. Also, there are 40% more recommendations for the business. And, 30% of consumers have left positive reviews. Henceforth, when a business starts preferring communication according to the consumers, then 37% of them respond quicker than expected.Source: Businesswire

It has been proved that to enable CPaaS services, businesses do not need any kind of upfront investment. Investments like time, resources, or developers to build those tools. Additionally, it is now possible to connect with customers through multiple channels. There are CPaaS solution providers who offer their customers discounts in volume, or a consumption-based method where the provider offers pay-as-you-go services. In addition to this, CPaaS is popular for offering cost-cutting benefits for companies. Due to these existing cost benefits, managing communications on-premise is often more cost-effective. All of these are possible due to cloud-based communication stacks.

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Final Thoughts

In this digital age, convenience is always the king, and organizations that can’t meet their consumers’ expectations are failing badly. CPaaS has completely changed the customer experience game in the last few years, making communication more convenient for consumers and companies. Adding communication channels to existing enterprise software has been easier. And, CPaaS always has an essential role to play in the hospitality and travel sectors.