Customer Communication Trends: Paving the way for the Metaverse

Communicating with customers has become a very complex mind map process for a vast majority of business owners. The brightest minds of our business are able to align communication with various shifting customer trends and it is important to understand align the communication with shifting consumer trends. Here are the latest communication trends based on the interactions depending on the communication strategy moving forward.

Digital channels are the backbone of B2C communication

The number of business-to-consumer interactions on our platform has increased by 58% within the last year and the platform was used mainly in communicating with customers through digital channels like chat and mobile apps. It is important to understand that the channels have become an integral part of our communication strategies.

Customers are always interested in chatting with you as you want to get the right answers at the right time without being on hold and involves being transferred multiple times. Businesses are using digital channels and solutions which enable customers to serve themselves in a familiar, trusted and secured way.

Conversational channels are continuing to see greater levels of high growth

Adding digital channels to your customer communications mix may seem like a great band-aid solution especially as businesses are planning on ensuring that they add the right channels that will help us in delivering a conversational customer experience. It is important to use the right channels that your customers are using in order to help them at each stage of the customer journey.

Digital channels along with your customer communications are a great solution for engagement channels but it will not be necessary. Businesses are great which helps in enablement of delivering conversational customer experiences and the right channels will help in enabling great conversational customer experiences. Having the right channels will enable your customers in enjoying all stages of the customer journey.

Voice, SMS and Chat apps are the top channels that business-to-consumer communication across regions in the year 2022. Customers wanted to chat with favorite brands based on the channels that they’re familiar with. Rich messaging is paving the way for future B2C communication strategies which has led to an increase in the overall number of interactions such as understanding the conversational experiences.

SMS remains a great important failover channel

With the rise of rich-media enabled channels SMS has been a key player with the communication strategy and there is a 38% increase with SMS interactions. As businesses have chosen failover options, customers are able to connect with customers as SMS is a go-to failover channel. SMS has been a reliable channel for a variety of different use cases that includes:

What is the future of customer communication?

With the massive growth and popularity of digital channel for B2C communication which involves recent developments along with mentions. The metaverse will play an important role in leading to larger discussions around brands with developing omnichannel communication strategies. The right channels at every single stage of the customer journey will help us gain an understanding of the hybrid digital-physical experiences.

It is important to assess the current communications strategy that identifies gaps that can help by filling your customer journey. By automating an AI chatbot it is important to add channels that allows you to be more flexible than ever WhatsApp is a great example. By answering customers’ frequently asked questions with a cloud contact center can help in accessing conversations across various channels alongside conversation history.

Remember to start testing your customer journey for the future and by A/B testing and marketing automation, you can ensure that customer engagement goes from good to great. With real-time insights you can know and figure out how well messaging has been performing and by perfecting your omnichannel communications strategy, you can get started by testing out your customer journey.