How CPaaS is reinventing customer engagement, one step at a time?

CPaaS transforming customer engagement - Route Mobile

Agile business communications are the next step in digital transformation. No matter how far we have come in our digital transformation journey, businesses need to successfully manage their digital infrastructure in an agile and innovative way that allows adjusting to the ever-evolving expectations and engagement patterns of the customer.

It is estimated that customer engagement will represent about 50% of all spending on digital infrastructure over the next 5 years. Consumers nowadays have been using more than 4 different channels to communicate on average and are expected to interact with brands in real-time on their own terms.

So let’s take a deeper dive into the businesses and learn how you too can get started with two-way customer conversations on any channel and at a greater scale. This is exactly where technology comes into the foray and CPaaS is massively important in this case and scenario.

How has CPaaS ushered in the new era of greater customer engagement?

Customers today are more enthused than ever before and want a greater degree of engagement than ever before. There are days when businesses have had to spend a lot of time, effort, and money in creating and evolving complex legacy communications infrastructure. It has helped to stitch together countless solutions that accommodate the preferred customer channel preferences.

CPaaS helps in offering businesses greater flexibility in creating customized applications in seamlessly integrating with marketing tech tools. Brands can finally bridge the gap between customer expectations for flawless with always-on interactions on favorite channels and experiences that they can realistically deliver.

Two-way customer engagement is key in delivering a better digital customer experience and it can help in driving greater long-term customer loyalty which improves the bottom line. CPaaS can help with brands and the market has shown greater growth for the last few years which will continue to grow and address the shifting customer expectations.

CPaaS is all set to generate and grow to more than 20 billion dollars in revenue by the year 2025 and more than 100 billion dollars are spent by enterprises in the next 5 years.

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Why choose CPaas provider? - Route Mobile

What are the main things you will need to look out for while choosing a CPaaS provider?

There are countless providers on the market and it is imperative that you find a reliable CPaaS partner, as experience is of the utmost importance with direct connections for mobile operators on a worldwide scale. It ensures that communications happen on an everyday basis and messages are delivered consistently ensuring that emails reach customer inboxes in a timely manner.

Consistency, reliability, and security are the three metrics that would work best in terms of greater quality. Providers also need to know how the regulatory issues and peace of mind is absolutely key when it comes to compliance regardless of where the audience might be coming from!

Another important thing to consider is to wonder how easy it will be to actually work with the help of the provider, and the support network and what the hidden costs also might be? Let us take a look at understanding the next steps that need to be taken for ensuring seamless engagement from an omnichannel perspective.

Customer Engagement through Omnichannel - Route Mobile

What are the various omnichannel perspectives of customer engagement?

It is important to ensure that all business interactions are easier to understand and interactions are made in a simpler, easier manner especially for reaching their goals. This is exactly where CPaaS comes into the world and is one of the best ways of going about it.

RouteMobile is one of the leaders in terms of helping with greater mobile engagement which turns the global CPaaS provider along with the best-of-breed solutions. It is important in understanding, not just mobile messaging along with email and voice. The ability to support communication needs is great in terms of providing customers with a wide choice of channels for engaging with the brand.

Our networking with businesses is necessary on the path towards seamless omnichannel engagement and provides excellent communication channels on hand. There are quite a few different experts who ensure greater end-to-end control over the infrastructure.

What are the various ways Route Mobile has helped in transforming customer engagement?

Route Mobile transforming Customer Engagement - Route Mobile

Route Mobile is more focused than ever on providing the best in class services and building relationships with major carriers for decades is incredibly important. The relationships that we have built with our carriers especially the physical ones and personal ones hold a significant advantage above all else. We aim to reach out and respond to issues more quickly than anyone else!

An omnichannel strategy is important and can play a crucial role as part of your rock-solid email strategy. It’s not just important to send out billions of emails every month but there are many important parts before sending out an email.

Email verification and rendering are important and RouteMobile provides the right necessary set of tools that are necessary for ensuring that the emails are sent out to customers’ inboxes. Enterprises and organizations need something that is going to be more scalable which has helped to create something that developers will genuinely enjoy using.


If you want to improve your customer engagement by utilizing the power of CPaaS through meaningful conversations, then RouteMobile has great solutions for your business and enterprise. Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation and discover the best opportunities to simplify and exemplify communications for your business. You can also write to us at