Route Mobile launches Roubot: An easy-to-use no-code chatbot platform that combines Chat-GPT and other NLP engines

Roubot chatbot builder by Route Mobile

The world has been in awe of generative AI technologies for the past few months. Automating simple things like writing an email or generating an image has become a way of life for users of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. Even as businesses have flocked to Large Language Models like OpenAI GPT-3, they have waited for generative AI innovations to help them better serve their customers.

This era has an element of competitive customer satisfaction strategy, and conversational artificial intelligence(AI) has taken on a critical role. Chatbots are the most visible implementation of AI.

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Considering the above fact, 40% of millennials use chatbots daily to connect with businesses. Businesses use chatbots for numerous purposes, including marketing and sales support, making them as essential as email. Source: Marketing Dive

This is where Roubot by Route Mobile comes in, a chatbot that uses ChatGPT technology to build advanced chatbots for enterprise needs. With Route Mobile’s domain expertise, ChatGPT’s cutting-edge technology, and fine-tuning the model, AI chatbot solutions can be integrated into the latest advances in natural language processing and machine learning (NLP & ML). This result will connect businesses to customers to drive conversations and facilitate lead generation, sales and timely issue resolution.

Roubot is a no-code chatbot platform that businesses can create and integrate across popular communication channels, CRM systems and payment gateways. Roubot’s ‘Flow builder’ is the fastest bot-building tool available in the market, and businesses can design their chatbot with it. The drag-and-drop user interface, intuitive process, and secure integration make it easy for businesses to integrate this customer engagement solution into their system.

How Beneficial is Roubot to Businesses, And In What Ways?

Roubot’s Flow-Builder is a platform that enables effective and natural dialogue between humans and AI with our tailored model. The model has been improved for productive conversations between AI and humans. The platform employs an attention-based approach to ensure that the AI agent reacts to the user’s input promptly and meaningfully. The platform also uses a deep learning algorithm to help the AI agent comprehend the context of the discussion and generate more appropriate responses. The platform may perform automated operations, including text summarisation, data retrieval, and Q&A. This makes it a powerful tool for companies to effectively and intuitively communicate with their customers.

Faster and less expensive development

Our chatbot platform gives developers the tools to rapidly and simply build complex chatbots without knowing how to code. Businesses can do this to save time and money by quickly developing chatbots tailored to their unique requirements without spending money on expensive development resources.

Enhanced client experience

Platforms powered by Roubots can now provide faster and more accurate customer service. As a result, companies can offer a better customer experience because customers can respond to their queries immediately without waiting for a human to respond.

Engage users uniquely

Customer inquiries were traditionally directed to companies via phone or email, resulting in consistent and non-customized user experiences. However, chatbots provide a fresh, entertaining, and interactive method to interact with brands.

Roubot On Customer Experience

Improved customer experience with Roubot chatbot builder

With Enhanced CX focusing on Roubot: Six viewpoints on how efficient it can be when employed in various industries

Benefits of Roubot chatbot builder

Improved Interactions

The conversational AI platform employing ChatGPT’s technology enables a more organic and human-like engagement when dealing with consumers. As a result, the client experience is improved because they may communicate with the AI like human beings.

Increased Efficiency

The platform can quickly process and reply to consumer enquiries. This shortens wait times and raises client satisfaction.

Enhanced Accuracy

The platform’s refined model aids in making sure that the AI can truthfully respond to consumer inquiries and offer the most recent facts. Because clients can quickly get the answers they require, this enhances the accuracy of the customer experience.

Lower Price

Companies can lower customer support costs using the conversational AI platform. More resources are needed due to the platform’s assistance in automating numerous laborious customer service jobs.

Better Customer Insights

The platform assists in gathering information on customer interactions, enabling firms to learn more about their clientele. This aids companies in providing better customer service and adjusting their product offer to suit customer requirements.

Personalized Experience

The platform may offer clients a more individualised experience. Using natural language processing, the platform can recognise and answer consumer enquiries more effectively. This makes it possible to personalise the consumer experience, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

When Roubot was in the making: Challenges during Developing

Training and tuning

Due to the difficulty of the algorithms and the quantity of data needed, training and tuning can be difficult. The platform must be updated frequently to stay current with new technological developments.

Understanding NL

Artificial intelligence-based systems need help understanding natural language. Deep learning and natural language processing are used to comprehend user inquiries, but accuracy demands a lot of training data and adjustment.


The technology behind ChatGPT is still in its infancy. Ensuring the platform is strong enough to manage the various inputs and queries it can meet is challenging. This requires extensive testing and debugging to ensure the system can handle all user questions correctly.

To Summarise,

Chatbots are no longer just a nice-to-have for businesses when achieving consumer engagement and satisfaction is challenging. It might be challenging to get the chatbot equation perfect, though. Building chatbots is fundamentally challenging. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise to use the correct ML and AI algorithms, train those algorithms with enough training data, and achieve the necessary accuracy. Any tiny error could have disastrous results.

Thanks to technological advances, Route Mobile’s Roubot, a no-Code chatbot-building platform, now gives correct implementation without the difficulties of creating a bot from scratch. Also, 57% of businesses already use such corporate no-code chatbot systems, which is expected to climb. These platforms handle the most challenging aspects of chatbot implementation, allowing you to reap the benefits. Consult our experts to know more about Roubot and its business benefits now!

Source: Accenture