Route Shield- An Advanced SMS Fraud & Spam Protection for Subscriber

Today, SMS is one of the simplest and scalable solutions for all businesses. Many organizations all across the globe have recognized and embraced all the possibilities for communication. Still, A2P messaging remains one of the most important channels for organizations to share notifications, critical information, alerts, 2FA in almost all business segments. But in recent years, there’s a significant increase in SMS spoofing, faking, spamming and have become the major concerns.

Now considering the significant impact of grey routes on MNOs and the increased number of spam threats all you need is solid protection and the next generation SMS firewall solution i.e Route Shield. Route Shield is a firewall solution that counters messaging threats and security breaches. It comes with the ability to identify all the grey routes and ensures to safeguard the subscribers from spam and malicious messages.

SMS Firewall Market size was valued at USD 2.25 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 4.98 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.47% from 2021 to 2028.

Let’s look at the key benefits of Route Shield-

Protect revenue-

Protect revenue

Owing to the various industries, the SMS firewall has gained magnified importance. When the unauthorized A2P message is sent, it weakens the efficiency of genuine offers from MNOs and their messaging partners. In this way, with the help of Route Shield, when all the fraudulent, unwanted A2P messages are blocked, organizations can protect their brand reputation and open doors to protect the revenues.

Fast and flexible-

The day Route Shield is deployed, it ensures that all the threats are blocked. As the firewall solution is quite flexible, you can easily customize the rules or modify them as per your requirements. It not only has the potential to detect revenue leakage but also provides valuable insights in real-time. Furthermore, new policies can be implemented without any software updates.

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Effective blocking and monetization-

Effective blocking and monetization

Route Shield is a complete monetization solution that can classify messages into A2P or P2P messages. It also ensures that no fraudulent message goes and subsequently blocks the grey route whichever is appearing. SMS firewall guarantees that your brand’s international A2P message enters the network via authorized A2P SMS gateways.

Billing and reporting support-

Billing and reporting support

Route Shield has powerful reporting and analytics support and notifies the users in case of spam or fraudulent message is received. You can obtain the most precise and relevant information about network traffic in real-time. Route Shield has the capability that you can customize the real-time alerts and get notified the moment threats happen.

The above statistics show that 91% of people think Route Shield is a golden standard for reducing grey routes. MNOs must implement SMS firewall solutions to protect and secure their networks and subscribers. For that, you need the most effective provider who can keep up with the latest trends and constantly upgrades the Route Shield platform. The SMS Firewall solution helps you monitor your A2P SMS traffic and safeguards your network from spam.

Route Shield is of critical importance to MNOs in monetizing the SMS revenues and if you are looking for a specialist in this field, Contact us NOW!