Personalization- The Secret to the Next Evolution of Customer Experience

In today’s world, where customers like it when they are remembered by their name and receive personalized product recommendations. It’s vital for businesses to create a positive customer experience to win over the never-ending customer expectations. Personalization can be applied throughout the customer journey, where you can attract buyers with QR codes to sending personalized messages and then asking them to recommend it to their peers.

With the increased competition among businesses, personalization has become a priority for all brands to drive more engagement and customer loyalty. Even consumers are more open and are willing to share personal data with brands but also expect that they have control over how it will be used. Personalization has the power to accelerate business growth, higher customer retention, increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and the collected data can be utilized further.

Below we discuss 3 ways you can deliver a personalized customer experience-

Create a Tailored Experience with Chatbots-

The first step towards personalization is to make sure that the interaction between you and your user is as smooth as possible. Businesses can use Route Mobile’s Enhanced Business Messages to personalize the customer experience. For instance, WhatsApp Chatbot can chat and understand the language of your customers with the help of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). If your customer is comfortable chatting in their native language, it’s great for businesses to communicate in the language they know. With reports and analytics, businesses are able to understand customer needs, questions, and concerns that can help you provide personalized answers.

Personalization via Customer’s Preferred Channel-

Personalization is also being related to being present on the customer’s preferred channel. Today’s customers expect convenient services through a variety of channels and want a super quick response. A conversation may start with a chatbot and end with a live customer agent on a call and all this is possible because of the omnichannel customer strategy that integrates all channels of communications. The omnichannel chatbot needs to be built only once and further, it can be deployed to multiple channels such as WhatsApp Business Solution, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages. An omnichannel chatbot helps in providing faster responses, collects data in a centralized database which eventually increases customer satisfaction.

Mastering Personalization with Emails-

According to recent research done by Dynamic Yield, 71% of consumers say a personalized experience would influence their decision to open and read brand emails. To segment your email lists into smaller groups you can ask your subscribers relevant questions by signing up for the forms. For instance, you can ask about the location, birth dates, and the type of product or service they expect from your business. Sending personalized emails ensures tracking your customer behavior on regular basis and is the best way to re-engage with your customer who has fallen off the map. Doing a personalized email marketing strategy, increases your open rates, drives engagement, and increases your revenue.

Delivering a personalized experience is not just about nice to have, but it has become a strategic approach to keep your customer engaged. Investing in the right CXPaaS solution can pay off with some great rewards for businesses. Want to create a tailored customer experience that drives engagement and builds customer relationships? Contact us Now!

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