4 Best Practical Tips to Improve Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

Today’s customers are already empowered with an abundance of technologies, and the way businesses now handle customer service has changed dramatically in recent years. Customers expect every interaction they have with businesses to be a seamless experience, and the interactions between them should take place across multiple channels and devices. The only way to provide a unified brand experience and expect the same quality of service is through Route Mobile’s omnichannel communication platform.

To provide an engaging experience for your customers, you firstly need to understand various customer touchpoints and make sure that the interactions which take place are consistent. For example, if a customer calls a bank customer service agent about a problem with a bank statement, they can pivot their conversation to a WhatsApp chatbot and continue the same conversation using the omnichannel communication platform. Giving access to the customer’s preferred channel helps to build an engaging relationship.

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Now let’s deep dive into how you can improve your omnichannel customer experience-

Personalization across channels-

Personalization across channels

Omnichannel personalization is about providing a personalized experience across various channels such as emails, SMS, Enhanced Business Messaging, and voice. Capturing customer’s touch points and engaging them with a consistent experience gives your brand an upper edge. For instance, one of your customers visits your eCommerce site and adds earphones to the cart, but leaves without making a purchase. Here, a brand can retarget the customer by sending a personalized email on what you have missed and offer an exclusive discount to make the purchase.

Build customer relationships-

Build customer relationships

Building strong customer relationships is the key to any communication. If any customer experiences bad interactions chances are they might stop using your products or services. Omnichannel communications help to align goals across all interactions and deliver a consistent experience. Along with building strong customer relationships, it also helps to build brand loyalty as customers get the same quality of service across multiple channels.

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Offer self-service-

Offer self-service

Nowadays customers look forward to having digital-first customer service support and want to tackle their needs and issues as per their own preferred time. Combining AI and automation can create a seamless transition between your bots and live agents. For instance, if a customer visits your website and finds a click-to-chat button redirected to Viber, they can instantly start a conversation with your customer service agent thereby resolving their issues.

Leverage real-time analytics-

Leverage real-time analytics

By leveraging real-time customer data, businesses can make personalized recommendations, inform them about the special offers, and increase the cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities. On successfully analyzing the real-time analytics, you are even able to understand the behavior of your prospects and later take them to the path of turning them into customers.

Customer demands are poised to change in the future and traditional customer service will no longer meet the unique demands of your customers. An omnichannel communication platform is well equipped to better serve the fast-changing customer demands in the future and that can help to retain your customers in the long term.

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