Unlock the Potential of WhatsApp Chatbots for Insurance Companies

As every industry tends to go digital, the insurance sector has also set the benchmark by introducing virtual voice assistance and insurance chatbots 24*7. Customers expect a seamless interaction and an efficient process for all the insurance claims process. They even want all their transactions to happen in one go and if the settlement process is lengthy and time-consuming, it leads to customer dissatisfaction.


According to Juniper Research, the insurance industry is estimated to save $1.3 billion by 2023, up from $300 million in 2019 from using chatbots.

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To simplify all claim processes, WhatsApp Chatbots offer a swifter and more efficient customer care experience. WhatsApp AI chatbots can also provide personalized suggestions, and detect customer preferences through Natural Language Processing (NLP). It also collects customer insights which further can be utilized to expand the products, services, and customer support.

Unlocking the potential of AI-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance Companies-

Seamless onboarding

Onboarding of any customer prior to covid times used to be physical. However, the process has gone digital since last year. Insurance companies started their services with WhatsApp chatbots. This frictionless service has the capability of purchase, onboarding, and premium payments directly via WhatsApp. When the onboarding process is leveraged it has a higher chance of customer retention.

Lead Generation

Once you have an opt-in from a customer, it becomes easier for marketers to engage you by sending personalized messages. WhatsApp chatbots can easily ask questions about new insurance requirements and over a course of time, they can offer personalized policy recommendations. Chatbots track the behavior of a customer and like-ways it helps to cross-sell/ up-sell their insurance policies.

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Claim Process Made Easy

Claiming process is a bit cumbersome, and usually, it takes many days to process a single document. But as we all know that WhatsApp is one of the highest user engagement apps, and integrating the claiming process on the WhatsApp chat bot will make it seamless for customers. WhatsApp chatbots can help you review the claim and verify all the documents.

Enhanced customer services

Insurance companies often face the issue of providing enhanced customer services but with WhatsApp chatbots the whole game changes. For instance, customers can now chat with insurance companies at their convenience and get assistance with their queries such as ‘When is my next premium due?’, ‘What is the process to change the beneficiary?’ and many more. For complex queries, the customer can also choose to speak with a Service Advisor as well, using Route Mobile’s omni-channel enabled WhatsApp chatbot.

Automated alerts and updates

WhatsApp has the potential to send automated fraud alerts and other notifications in real-time. It ensures data security for both customers and insurers and helps to detect any warning signs of fraudulent activities. WhatsApp chatbot sends further updates and notifications such as premium payments, maturity details, policy updates, etc.

Easy cancellation of the policy

The WhatsApp chatbot handles the majority of the process via chats and even the cancellation of policy is possible. The procedure is simple, all you have to do is to communicate via WhatsApp chatbot. This eliminates the lengthy procedure of physically visiting the insurance company. Once policy has been cancelled, the remaining amount which you are supposed to get will be credited to your account.

WhatsApp chatbots are surely a value add in the insurance industry because of their 24/7* availability, faster claim process, handle queries more efficiently, and many more. It’s time for all insurance companies to roll out WhatsApp chatbots as it holds the future on how customers are going to ask for policies.

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