Key Highlights

  • Integrated Analytics
  • Accurate Targeting
  • Meet with the customers where they are
  • Actionable Insights

Today, brands need to ensure brand loyalty of their customer so that they prefer them over their competition. Top of the mind recall can be ensured through constant communications via different channels.

Managing multiple channels can get very complex, especially when you have different platforms for communicating with customers. Also, mapping the customer journey or getting actionable insights from multiple platforms becomes tricky and requires manual intervention.

The key is to map the customer journey closely to monitor certain actions of the customers that may help you get a lead or an insight. However, to integrate each channel and chat can be overwhelming. This is where an omnichannel platform comes into play.

It assists in reaching multiple channels to ensure communication is read or heard as on time. It also has options to extend reach based on end-user channel preference and availability as well as a fallback mechanism to reach the specific channel before broadcasting it to another channel and the ability to design, manage and tune personalised customer journeys to maximize customer success

As a single platform, it allows enterprises from industries, not limited to BFSI, e-commerce, retail, travel & tourism and airlines to communicate with customers using multiple channels without the technical complexity associated with multi-channel messaging services. It has been designed to address some of the complexities faced by enterprises today such as hindrances associated with managing multi-API’s and API related documentation, the absence of inter-channel links, billing/invoicing issues, additional development time, and reporting issues.

Integrated Analytics:

The choice of multiple channels helps to understand, quantify, and review communication with customers

Accurate Targeting:

The user can create segments for retargeting based on the user behavior analysis using our insights and segmentation engine

Meet with the customers where they are:

A customer-centered approach helps enterprises manage customer relationships across all channels to deliver customised experiences with dynamic content, push notifications and product recommendations and much more.

Actionable Insights:

Some of the reports include channel wise performance insights, day on day frequency & recency of campaign interactions, campaign Performance indicators for the campaign, key performance indicators, user segmentation and much more that improve decision making and enhance brand loyalty.

Route Mobile omnichannel platform (OCEAN – Omnichannel Enterprise API Network) provides an end-to-end footprint for enterprises. Its enterprise omnichannel messaging comprises RCS (Rich Communication Services), SMS, Email, Push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, Voice and much more.

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