WhatsApp, a widely popular messaging platform, has continually evolved to meet the diverse needs of its users. The recent introduction of WhatsApp Flows for WhatsApp Business Platform aims to streamline further and enhance customer-business interactions.

What is WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp Flows, a new feature, allows businesses on the platform to provide services seamlessly while interacting with their customers. With Flows, businesses can create rich menus and customizable forms that support different customer needs. It empowers businesses to automate responses and simplify complex tasks.

The feature works like an online form where the user gets to pick different choices from a drop-down menu to be guided further along the customer journey or to input information first before being able to buy something or being forwarded to a service agent.

Key Benefits

Functional with Chatbot:

Deploy chatbot-based interactive flows to automate tasks or aid in collecting customer details for a specific use case.

Reduced Churn & Increased Cross-Selling:

By offering end-to-end experiences, businesses can reduce churn rates and cross-sell other products or services more effectively.

Dynamic Data Rendering:

Enables businesses to tailor the information displayed to customers based on their previous responses or actions.

The current challenge that Flows has overcome is the back-and-forth interactions and lengthy text messages. Flows provide businesses with a structured way to collect information and allow them to develop or create their own unique journeys.

Eliminate external link routing with WhatsApp Flows

Use Cases:

Flows are built for form-based use cases, and businesses can create Flows to achieve a range of tasks with their customers:

1. Appointment Booking or Service Selection:

Businesses can create custom appointment booking flows, making it effortless for customers to choose available slots and conveniently schedule consultations, book services, or make reservations in just a few steps.

Watch this video to understand Bookings with WhatsApp Flows

2. Real-Time Insurance Quotes:

WhatsApp Flows can provide customers with real-time insurance quotes across various sectors, including health, finance, and vehicle coverage.

3. Lead Generation:

Businesses can use WhatsApp Flows to generate leads by collecting essential customer information and guiding them through tailored funnels based on their preferences and needs.

4. SignUp and Registration:

Aids in registration, sign-ups, and sign-ins, eliminating the need for external link redirections.

5. Customer Support and Feedback:

WhatsApp Flows can be utilized to provide instant customer support, gather feedback, and address customer queries efficiently.

6. In-App Shopping Experiences:

Businesses can create personalized shopping experiences by guiding customers through product selection, upselling, and cross-selling based on their preferences and purchase history.

Integration & Accessibility:

To use WhatsApp flows, businesses must use the WhatsApp Business Platform and access it via the API. Businesses can easily develop their flows without any developer knowledge, either directly through the interface or by building them through the Meta Cloud platform.

To use WhatsApp Business flows, businesses can contact trusted WhatsApp Business API providers like Route Mobile.

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Flows are a great way for businesses to concentrate on providing value-added services. They collect data during interactions, providing insights into customers’ preferences and choices. WhatsApp Flows can reduce drop-offs, leading to better customer interactions with businesses. Moreover, it is well-equipped to handle complex tasks and provides a flexible and fast approach to completing them.

As businesses continue to innovate and adapt to evolving customer needs, WhatsApp Flows stands out as a valuable addition to the diverse range of features available on the WhatsApp Business platform.

If you need help getting started with Flows, contact our experts to discuss your personal goals and strategies.