5 Actionable Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online retailers do not simply retarget their visitors, instead, they ensure that they add the products into their shopping cart and not leave the site just like that. But fortunately with the right actions brands are able to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. However, shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems e-commerce sites are facing as many of them do not finish the checkout process and purchase the product.

There are various reasons why your prospect abandons their shopping cart and the most common reasons are as such, they are not comfortable to share the information with the web pages, people who just want to surf and leave, no preferred mode of payments, add high shipping costs and many. Considering all the following reasons, it’s important to optimize the checkout process with the right techniques.

The above statistics state that there’s a lot of potential revenue lost, but to make your shopping experience seamless, here are five practical ways to combat cart abandonment-

Provide Live Chatbot Support-

Almost all of the people use their mobile phones for surfing and it’s no surprise that they shop from their mobile phones. Being on mobile, it’s easy for them to switch from one app to another instantly. Likewise, brands can offer live chat customer support on channels such as WhatsApp Business Solutions, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages, Google Business Messages, and also with Telegram Business. Provide 24/7 customer support to your customer and answer all their queries and convince them to buy your products.

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Send Consistent Shopping Cart Reminders-

It’s important to keep on engaging your prospect even after they have left your website by adding some products to their shopping cart. One of the easiest ways to reduce your cart abandonment rate and boost sales is to optimize email marketing with SendClean. First thing first you must add a catchy subject line to attract them to open the mail. Research shows that when you send the cart abandonment mail within 60 minutes there are higher chances of converting them. Further, you can even create an urgency that it’s the last chance to grab the offer and even highlight the offer that’s still live for a certain period of time.

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Simplify Checkout Process-

Optimizing the checkout process is like providing better UX by being omnipresent on all the channels which customers prefer. Provide your customers with a smooth check-out experience by sharing the payment details, confirmation details that will eventually improve your conversion rates. Sometimes customers find it difficult to navigate the checkout process through different web pages, using Enhanced Business Messaging solutions can offer your customers a user-friendly and streamline the checkout process.

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Personalize Your Follow-up Messages-

While encouraging your customers to complete their transaction, they expect extra attention and let them know that they are buying from the best brand. With the dashboard, it’s easy for the brands to get the analytics of the customer. For instance, if your customer is a frequent buyer you can send personalized follow-up messages and incentivize with more discounts and offers as he/she is your potential customer and tends to buy again.

Offer Clear Call-to-Actions-

Customers might have a lot of items in their shopping cart, but you can retarget them with one single product, as too many options can confuse them and only share the information that is relevant to them. This will minimize the number of clicks required for checkout and ensure a speedy transaction. You can offer an instant checkout with WhatsApp Business Solutions, Call to Action button and add CTAs like, “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart”, “Purchase Now”, “Resume My Order”. Adding a clear CTA makes it easier for customers to buy and offers a frictionless shopping experience.

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