5 Ways to Help Deliver Authentic Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is an emotional connection that depends on the way customers are treated during their purchase journey.


86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

And when changing customer behaviour is the new normal, any communication or engagement that is less than personalized and perfectly timed is unacceptable, especially when there is a constant change in consumer demands.

Regardless of your brand’s positioning in the market, to sustain in this competitive landscape, you must have a well-defined thought process on how you would want your customers to perceive your brand.

Providing a great CX requires a perfect amalgamation of people, processes, and technology.

Here are 5 ways to enable your business to go that extra mile for your existing and potential customers and help you deliver authentic customer experiences.

Trusted Communications:

A trusted communication strategy helps the enterprise by emphasizing its exclusive attributes displaying and embellishing the existing brand image.
Since we evolve socially, technologically, and psychologically, trust has now become even more multifaceted and difficult to decipher, and its deficit exists for several reasons known and unknown. Hence, enterprises must have a trusted communication strategy to provide a better and safer customer experience.

The WhatsApp Business Solution provides high-level encryption that cannot be compromised by a scammer and displays a security message at the start of the chat. This way you get to tell your customers that their conversation is with an authentic company.

Curated Content:

Building customer loyalty is the biggest challenge that marketers perennially face and if they aren’t personalising they may well be missing out on a lot of greater possibilities. It is a proven fact that when you tailor content to a specific target audience based on their behaviour, or demographics, your message is much more persuasive and penetrative.

Helping people to find what they want quickly by showing them products and services based on their past behaviour makes them more likely to purchase.
This is why personalised content usually helps to improve the CX, along with the conversion rate.

Viber Business Messages, allows you to explore one of the most effective personalisation tactics i.e- product recommendations. Customers like to be shown products that fit with their personal taste, preferences and are aligned with what they’ve earlier purchased. And with the exclusive features, Viber Business Messages helps you do the same and lets you deliver a better customer experience.

Relevant Information:

One of the lucid yet effective ways to provide a good customer experience is by offering relevant information that people genuinely want to consume.

By creating engaging and interesting content, brands can create a level of personalization that crafts a better overall customer experience which your customers will appreciate, one that has a better recall value. With this, you can organically create a process that is conducive to selling your products.

For instance,
airline companies have the highest need for instant messaging APIs enabling them to deliver relevant information like- booking confirmations, flight timings, quickly and easily. And to help them do so, we have A2P (Application-to-Person) Messaging that enables airlines to provide real-time customer support and relevant information with the help of its reliable yet fast plug-and-play system.

Automated Responses:

Automating specific customer experience management tasks make it possible to create and implement structured processes that will help you manage your CX programs more effectively.
For instance, customer support for a follow-up requirement should always be sent automatically. With this, you can systematically set the wheels in motion and seamlessly close the loop with your customers.

You can solve your customer’s non-complex issues instantly and seamlessly with the help of Chatbots. That’s not all, since it can handle monetary transactions, you can make it easy for your customers to process refunds and order cancellations via Chatbots. Here, customers can also register their complaints or provide valuable feedback that can be helpful for you to personalize, customize your product and give your customers an effective experience.

Timely Delivery:

When it comes to delivering an authentic customer experience, it is important to deliver your services on time. According to a recent research, 90%of SMS are read within three minutes in ideal situations.
Hence, if you miss a minute, there are higher chances of you missing out on your customers too!

When it comes to the banking sector, it is all about improving the quality of your service and building up your customers’ confidence in you by providing necessary updates on time. RCS Business Messaging allows banks to identify and understand the customer behaviour, their response, the choice of their suggestive replies, and the time taken to respond. These factors help in quickening the delivery of the message.

Improving your CX is crucial to nurture your business and improve customer engagement and it’s a process that requires planning and a great strategy. Start a conversation with us today, click here to know more…