• What is Verbatim?

    Verbatim is a tool for the contact center to enable the customer to accept terms and conditions and comply with regulations related to compliance and disclosure. Web-based Verbatim allows agents to send end users an email or text message with a short link that points to terms and conditions, as well as disclosures that would otherwise have been required to be read out by the contact center agent as required by various regulations.

    Quick Fact

    “Digital channels, including text messages, email, can increase conversions among consumers who prefer not to talk to an agent over the phone. Many people appreciate having more time to respond to an inquiry without experiencing a live conversation. Minimizing such conversations could help boost conversions.”

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    Verbatim Flow

    The Route Mobile Edge

    Universal Appeal

    Universal appeal

    The platform is accessible globally, tried and tested via SMS, email, voice platforms as well as emerging platforms like WhatsApp Business Solutions, RCS Business Messaging, etc
    Integrated shortlink support

    Integrated shortlink support

    Route Mobile sends a short link in the platform of choice of the consumer to accept compliance. The link is trackable and all the compliance information is available at one place without having to switch multiple links
    24x7 global support

    24×7 global support

    With a dedicated team of experts, Route Mobile provides 24 hours support to solve all queries.
    Encrypted data storage

    Encrypted data storage

    The data in transit is fully encrypted, securely transmitted and privacy compliant.

    Relevant Industries

    • BFSI
    • Retail
    • Ecommerce

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