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WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging app that has seen surge massive popularity for businesses in connecting WhatsApp API. Business API is an excellent tool that has allowed businesses to connect with customers on their favorite channel.

In this guide, we will look at the different ways how WhatsApp Business API can be used in seamlessly communicating with customers. Messaging has allowed you to react faster to customer requests in solving the customer’s questions before they have made a purchase. It has helped in boosting customer satisfaction to the next level.

What is WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business App is an app that is used by enterprises with different features, costs, and numerous use cases. The WhatsApp Business app is available for both Android and iPhone that comes with various features such as a business profile, labels, and fast replies.

However, the WhatsApp Business app was built for individual conversations, and for enterprises to overcome this problem the WhatsApp Business API solutions were implemented. Thus, the API was implemented to successfully allow businesses to receive and answer WhatsApp messages from their customers.

WhatsApp Business API profile

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A WhatsApp Business API profile looks quite similar to the WhatsApp Business App profile however, it is not available in-app. For businesses to successfully promote their presence, businesses can optimize the profile by updating the cover photo, description, address, email, and website. A vast majority of WhatsApp Business accounts are listed as business accounts, and they can optimize their profile by updating the cover photo, description, address, email, and website.

It is possible to get your account verified but it involves editing your profile or applying for verification through a self-service platform especially when sending out API calls.

WhatsApp Business API Account Basics

WhatsApp Business API is one of WhatsApp’s most popular products that is used by enterprises, as it is solely focused on the technical aspects of WhatsApp API and what it means for businesses. The API is designed for medium to large companies in mind, and since it is an API there is no need for an app and front-end interface.

It requires end-users in taking the WhatsApp API endpoint for integrating it with their business software. Businesses always will need to connect to WhatsApp API and are constantly encouraged in using third-party services called Business Solution providers or WhatsApp partners. It is easier to get approved for a WhatsApp API account by applying through them.

WhatsApp Business API Contact Management

WhatsApp prefers that the end-users message accounts first while starting a conversation and it also helps companies in sending customers, the first message whenever they follow a set of rules. The features that are available via WhatsApp API must be great in making contact management on the application much smoother.

WhatsApp doesn’t want businesses to spam customers with unwanted messages to maintain the quality of customer experience WhatsApp usually requires all its businesses to successfully gain active consent from users before messaging them first.

The opt-in policy is mainly required for transactional notifications for messages that are sent after 24 hours, and you must refer to the document through WhatsApp. Businesses can easily opt-in both on and off WhatsApp which includes interactive voice responses (IVR), website forms, WhatsApp ads, WhatsApp links, WhatsApp QR codes, and other WhatsApp threads. Once the customers have opted in, it is important to not spam your contacts otherwise they might unsubscribe.

Who Can Get the WhatsApp Business API?

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WhatsApp Business API cannot be used by everyone, there are two things that you can do to influence your eligibility in terms of getting improved. Here are the two main factors that can influence eligibility:

Business Size

WhatsApp API integration is quite complex, and the service is meant for both well-established medium and large businesses. It is one of the main reasons that it is primarily called WhatsApp Enterprise and as an individual entrepreneur or running a small business it is important to know the features of the WhatsApp Business app.


The industry that you operate in plays a major role in figuring out the early stages of the application business. WhatsApp is favored by industries that include real estate, financial services, eCommerce, education, retail, travel & hospitality, and telecommunications.

How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has always been user-oriented and focused on delivering safe and quality experiences, and with business messaging, things can get quite big quickly and it is one of the strategies that work out best. There are two ways that you can go about applying for WhatsApp Business API which are:

Direct Sign-Ups:

The WhatsApp Business API website offers the options for signing up directly especially when the path isn’t efficient. As a medium company, sometimes it can get too labor-intensive and technically challenging, and it requires a developer to set up the API.

Through Solution Provider:

A WhatsApp Business Solution provider can help you get approved quicker which requires much lesser work on your idea. A WhatsApp Business solution provider can help act as an intermediary with a codeless WhatsApp chatbot builder, campaign manager, and testing channel.

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How to get started with WhatsApp Business API

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Here are the 3 main ways that you can get started with WhatsApp Business API:

Choosing The Right Solution Provider:

It is possible to apply for access to the WhatsApp Business API with the help of various business solution providers. There are various digital agencies with access to the API without the need of the customer messaging interface in receiving and replying to WhatsApp messages.

Creating a WhatsApp Business Account:

Once you have decided on a solution provider, it is important to approve a messaging on behalf of the request, and in verifying your business with the help of the Facebook Business Manager.

Letting customers know they can’t reach you on WhatsApp:

People cannot search for your brand on WhatsApp unlike other messenger apps such as Facebook messenger for business or Telegram business. It is important to make sure that your customers respond to WhatsApp business is strongly depending on how to successfully promote a new contact channel.

The easiest way to start with WhatsApp Business API

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The easiest way to start with WhatsApp Business API is with Route Mobile’s WhatsApp business solutions. We offer numerous solutions such as:

Greater Reliability:

We take over the technical implementation and make sure that it is always up to date so that you can focus on talking to your customers on WhatsApp.

Data Privacy is the top priority:

Data privacy is our top priority and with our WhatsApp API, all of the data will be end-to-end encrypted and safely stored on servers in Germany.

Omni Messaging in one solution:

WhatsApp offers omnichannel messaging under a single solution that helps bring together customer interactions from different channels such as SMS, Thema, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and webchat.

Great value for money:

WhatsApp Business API can be accessed with a simple subscription plan and there are plenty of features that are included such as website chat and other features. There are plenty of various features, such as setup fees and other things that can cover all your costs.

Leveraging WhatsApp Business API

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WhatsApp Business API application is not a quick process by any means, but with the right provider, it can be quite a simple experience. There is a great value that you can derive from reaching leads and clients where they feel the most comfortable within a short period of time. The value that you derive from reaching out to leads and clients can help make them feel more comfortable with the utmost patience. WhatsApp can help in generating leads, providing great customer service, and encouraging user engagement with a combination of live agents and chatbots.

WhatsApp API: Messaging Best Practices and Guidelines

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Here are some of the best messaging practices and guidelines to follow to make the best use of WhatsApp API:

Quality Rating

To drive high-quality conversations, WhatsApp API is great in providing businesses with insights for a great phone number quality rating and status. It is important to find quality insights with the help of the Business Manager API.

The ratings are great as WhatsApp observes conversation quality with the business and it is great to use high-quality message templates in getting their number blocked or reported by contacts. Messaging limit is great as it determines how many different unique users can be allowed to message daily.

Escalation on WhatsApp

Customers always prefer to have chats with human agents rather than bots, especially if there is one available. Thus, WhatsApp has acknowledged the pain point and made it compulsory as part of the Human Escalation pathway.

WhatsApp can initiate conversations with a bot and record messaging especially for quality monitoring purposes.

Types of WhatsApp Business API Messages

There are two main types of WhatsApp Business API messages which are:

WhatsApp API Session Messages

WhatsApp imposes a messaging limitation called Session Messaging for API account users and with this, it is possible to reply to contacts’ messages within a 24-hour window. Businesses are only allowed to reply to customers using session messages and it is not possible to in messaging the contact first.

WhatsApp Message Templates

Businesses can constantly reply with a contact’s last incoming message with the help of Message Templates and they can start new conversations with contacts by using opt-in message templates. The Message template is not as straightforward as you may think in terms of sending out a session message and it is great that the BSP can choose for approval before they can be used and sent.

Businesses are great as they can use WhatsApp API in terms of sending bulk messages with transactional notifications. Broadcast and non-transactional notifications don’t allow recurring newsletters that need to be allowed.

Businesses need to have an accepted country’s address in their Facebook Business Manager that is registered with WhatsApp. The Message Template creation process remains the same as businesses can unlock the capability as the whole message template creation process also remains the same.

As your business needs change, WhatsApp API is great in supporting different types of message templates like text, media, and interactive message templates.

WhatsApp Business API Solution Providers

There are more than 60 official WhatsApp Business API solution providers on Facebook’s directory, and your experience may be different depending on the BSP. There are two different types of WhatsApp BSPs which are SMS providers and others.

SMS Providers

SMS providers these days are already using companies with proprietary APIs before WhatsApp accounts start selling out. With the API it is important to connect with it that will be much more similar to the legacy SMS API. BSPs are great for using the service and hoping to integrate with WhatsApp API as one of the main communication channels.

Route Mobile SMS app is a fantastic solution for multiple chat platforms in connecting themselves to everything. SMS providers can integrate their WhatsApp API with proprietary API, which ends up taking more time and effort on their end in terms of including or updating new features from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

When using the WhatsApp Business API, it is important to sign up with a BSP and pay them through a WhatsApp API account. BSPs on the other hand, end up paying for WhatsApp on their end and connecting their API in providing great service to the end-users. BSPs end up paying WhatsApp a price that is different from what they usually charge businesses, and it is because of this that they set their pricing as well.

WhatsApp does not usually charge BSPs anything for messages that are sent within the last 24 hours (Session Messages) but just charges a small fee for messages that are sent after 24 hours.


Thus, WhatsApp Business API is an incredible solution that is catered to both medium and large-scale companies. There are two types of solution providers out of which SMS providers are the main solution providers. Ultimately WhatsApp Business API is a fantastic solution for businesses that want to expand their reach and take matters into their own hands to improve their solutions and services for customers. To learn more about pricing and the other solutions check out WhatsApp Business API Solution