Over the past few years, contact centre technology has entered an era where each day, millions of agents carry out conversations that shape the end-user experience and influence the growth trajectory of the business.
Currently, contact centre operations are dealing with end-users who are more likely to approach them through a wider spectrum of choices, including Omni-channel, Mobile Messaging Apps, Social Media, and other contact modes.

With more than 2 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and the messaging market leader in all but 25 of the world’s countries — outperforming some of its major competitors, making it the communication platform of choice

WhatsApp for Customer Support – Possible?

Ever since its launch in 2018, more than 5 million businesses now use the WhatsApp Business platform to grow their business and engage with their customers.

While the global popularity of WhatsApp is well understood and documented, emerging economies like Latin America, where the use of the app is on the rise makes for a lucrative opportunity for enterprises to reach their target audience through a preferred channel using a colloquial language.

WhatsApp Business Solution and Contact Centres

WhatsApp Business Solution allows contact centres to address demand, solve queries and build direct relationships with their end-users without affecting operation levels. It also enables enterprises to lower their risks and give customers a sense of security through end-to-end encrypted conversations. Companies in emerging markets like Latin America are now leveraging the potential of OTT messaging services and omni-channel communications, supporting the rise of conversational commerce by focusing more on not only personalization but also customer conversations. This helps enterprises and brands to create a personalized customer / brand interaction, address their requirements, and offer superlative experience, all on a single platform.

56% of small and medium-sized businesses on WhatsApp in Mexico believe the platform allows them to sell their products or services in other cities, states or countries

1 in 3 small and medium-sized businesses on WhatsApp in Mexico say they built their business on the platform

Here are the 4 ways WhatsApp Business Solution can help contact centres to improve CX:

Conversational experience:

Consistent delivery of positive experiences can aid sustainability. Hence, it is necessary to provide a holistic experience that creates value during the time of decision-making.

WhatsApp Business Solution helps to hit the scene by storm, generating a lot of industry excitement and speculation overvalue. It gives contact centres the opportunity to interact with the customers in a private, secure environment, in a friendlier, more approachable way.
Along with this, it also enables customers to initiate conversations with the contact centre agent/ live chatbot, anytime and anywhere.

Multilingual support

Today, language and cultural barriers play a major role in how successful a product or service currently is, and how much potential it has to grow.

Hence, language can definitely be a roadblock for contact centres that manage International businesses.

Although English is a universal language spoken and understood by many, an enterprise cannot rely on it to be it’s only marketing language. Many customers appreciate receiving messages in their local language as it becomes easy for them to have a conversation with the contact centre agent.

WhatsApp Business Solution helps contact centres to strategize around social and economic factors to appeal to various target groups with its exclusive feature that enables contact centre agents to select a preferred language and send message templates accordingly.

This way, it allows the contact centre to personalise their approach thus improving their interpersonal relationship with the user.

For instance, if you are targeting the niche market, then customers expect you to communicate with them in their local language. Clearly, English will not suffice when you are conversing with a regional audience.

Secure and reliable

Adhering to ongoing compliance issues is a constant struggle. WhatsApp Business Solution provides assurance to the customers by verifying all business accounts when they opt-in to connect with the target audience. With authentication, audit trail and end-to-end encrypted messages between entities, WhatsApp Business Solution allows contact centre agents to have conversations in a private sphere, with extra security perks, for the exchange of sensitive information, such as financial details, address proofs, etc.

Faster query resolution

The pandemic has made Latin American firms realize the need for increased online and social engagement. WhatsApp Business Solution enables contact centres to automate conversations with the customers to progress them in the sales funnel, manage their transactions, and provide timely responses to their queries. This way it helps the contact centres agents to connect directly with the customers and enhance the end-user engagement.

WhatsApp Business Solution supports cloud-based contact centres to throttle up and down the services that enterprises want to leverage, rather than investing heavily in technology they may only be used occasionally.

It also helps to improve CX & operational efficiency, optimize agent functions while managing costs. This eventually helps to reduce operational overhead and avoid misunderstandings in customer engagement solutions.

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