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Viber is an incredibly popular customer communication tool and if your customers are on the platform, then it is important to learn how to use Viber for Business. Before we look into understanding how Viber Business Messages can be beneficial to your business it is important to know a little bit about Viber. Viber was launched in 2010 before Line and Messenger and it is a free to use tool that focuses more on calling and allows users to call mobile and landline numbers.

What is Viber business messaging

 what is viber business messaging - Route Mobile

Viber Business messaging utilizes Viber business accounts that allow business accounts in allowing customers to interact with the brand. Viber Business accounts utilize automated messaging that can help in connecting to a customer support platform in messaging customers manually.

Viber Business accounts are quite similar to other messaging app business accounts but they have one unique feature which is the customizable keyboard! You can customize the keyboard with the way a user sees and interacts with the bot.

Creating a Viber Business Account is completely free and there is no limitation on the messaging and amount of contacts, compared to Viber Business Messages. In order to get started with Viber for your enterprise, it is important to create a Viber Business account.

Benefits of using Viber business messaging –

Business messages aren’t just a native, secure and bilateral method of communication and unlike regular SMS, it is a cost-effective and efficient channel of communication with a wide range of analytical tools. Here are some of the benefits of Viber business messaging:

Viber Business Messaging is very interactive

Viber business messages are a great format above 160 characters in expanding the possibilities of interaction with customers. It contains the text of up to 1000 characters, images, a link and different types of files which includes warranty cards and instructions. Brands can send invoices to customers, discuss the terms of order and solve different customer queries.

Viber Business Messaging pricing is reasonable

Viber Business messages are very cost-effective as brands can pay for Business messages that are delivered, unlike the ones that are just sent out. Brands can save up their budget in delivering time-sensitive messages which includes TTL (Time to Live) – it is the maximum period of time in delivering a message before it is canceled or redirected to another channel. With TTL on Viber, companies will not pay for a message that doesn’t reach a user within a limited time frame that can help you save money.

SMS fallback for important messages

Even if the customers do not have internet access or the Viber app installed they can receive important and urgent messages with SMS fallback, by utilizing SMS fallback. It involves using SMS as a backup option by delivering a message via SMS if the delivery on Viber has failed. Brands need to be confident that all of their customers will get important notifications such as OTPs and financial transactions via SMS.

Real-time analytics for your messenger marketing strategy

Companies will access a report on customer interactions with Business Messages in real-time and it is possible to see the status of the message whether it was received, delivered or has failed. It is also possible to gain detailed statistics such as open and click rates that take into account segmentation of the audience, personalized communication with customers and adjusting the mobile marketing strategy.

Easy integration with CRM

Brands will need to integrate CRM systems with Viber Business Messages in saving customer interaction history, analyzing the behavior of customers and sending useful and relevant personalized messages.

What is Viber business profile?

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A Viber business profile is different from a normal Viber user profile as your profile will display the information that you have provided like logo, company description, website and contact information. The information will be available only once users have pressed your brand name and the first message info will be shared at a simple glance with an overlay.

How to use Viber Business Messages –

There are three simple steps that you can use to follow Viber Business Messages and here are some of the different ways that you can take to open a Viber Business account successfully. Here are the simple ways that you can take advantage of with Viber Business Messages:

Choosing the right business messaging partner: It is important to choose the right messaging partner and you need to first create a verified profile by using Viber Business Messages to your advantage. The next step involves registering your business account to make it official and once you have followed the correct steps, you will be able to receive a blue tick message and will be able to create an official Viber business account.

Top use cases on Viber Business Messages –

There are several top use cases on Viber Business Messages and by doing so you will be able to gain a crucial understanding of how the messages works:

Use case with the right call to action and customizable messaging

People are more likely to engage with messages from contacts that they know and trust. Viber branding features are excellent and with the right call to action and customizable messaging and it is possible to engage with a message from a contact that they know and trust.
Some of the other awesome features involve having the same company logo and brand name which are verified. The call to action button helps lead people directly to the website and other assists for initiating a call right away. Enterprises can see if their messages are delivered and who has clicked on the call-to-action button.

Use Case with Push Alert System

Viber Business Message notifications are great as it can help in pushing alerts that blurs the main differences between regular SMS and messaging to the apps. Notifications are great in attracting user attention and users can read them even if it is not a major chat app, which is installed on the phone. One important example of this is a flight notification or other urgent notifications that maybe overlooked by certain passengers.

Use Case with Viber Business Message Voting, Stickers and Chatbot

Viber Business Message utilizes stickers, message voting and chatbot in growing a larger audience by sending in new offers, premium deals and much more! It is important to get started by sending out your stickers as an audience can automatically subscribe to chatbots and gives users the option of voting in chatbots on multiple platforms which eliminates the cost of sending an SMS for the end-user.
It helps in encouraging users to actively participate in the voting process. Chatting with users directly can help in answering questions and solving problems, Viber Business Messages chatbots help in providing good customer support.

Use Case with Analytics & Scheduled Campaigns

Viber Business messages and SMS are both excellent in terms of overcoming challenges and the attendees are simply opting in during registration and picking the preferred channel. Viber business messages or SMS to receive alerts and in case Viber Business Messages users were not connected to the Internet, it is possible to receive messages on SMS on important updates like speaker schedule or change in agenda.
The solution provider’s flexible communication has helped the staff easily build scheduled campaigns, sending welcome messages before the event followed by providing crucial event info, announcements and endorsements from the summit partner without any prior training.

How to send bulk messages using Viber Business

It is an easy Viber messaging service and it is easy to enter the numbers identifying users in the messaging form. Viber messaging service and it is important to enter the right numbers for identifying users in the messaging form and it is important to set up the text and sending time and the monthly prepaid volume of messages that are available for texting starts from 50000 messages.


Thus, this was an in-depth guide to understanding Viber Business Messages and how it can be directly impactful for your business. We hope you found this article interesting and useful in understanding how to use Viber Business Messages for your enterprise.