Key Highlights

  • Start creating a list of users, who are interested in your email subscription
  • Fresh and personalized content always drives high engagement
  • Using the double opt-in is the best practice for marketers

Today, any communication, whether SMS or email needs to be customised for your target audience. Only then will it attract your customer’s attention, else it will end-up being ignored. As an email marketer, you need to ensure that your communication reaches the customer’s inbox instead of the junk box. Email deliverability is one of the grey areas of email marketing faced by enterprises today. Ensure you improve the email deliverability by making it more sophisticated and data driven.

The spam filter is the only thing stands between your email and the inbox. It stops unwelcome mails reaching the inbox. Your email should surpass the spam filter’s criteria and legit its way in to your customer’s inbox. However, spam filters evolve constantly, adapting new scrutinizing techniques for deflecting unsolicited mail. Due to such elusive parameters, at times even genuine campaigns land up in junk boxes. It is because, every recipient’s Internet service provider (ISP) uses unpredictable ways to filter and combat spam.

Hence in order to ensure effective email communication, marketers need to devise new techniques to:

  • Ensure email deliverability

  • Develop positive and exciting content

  • Grab customer attention

  • Generate enough click-through(s)

Spam filters can be complicated, fuzzy and a challenge for marketers to navigate. Critical evaluation done by various spam-wares often slip the most creative emails to your spam folders. Reputation-based filters are the most difficult to crack. With these challenges, marketers often resort to specialists managing and offering safe passage for such emails. Our email solution – Route Mailer allows you to send multiple emails to a wide network, from an instantaneous mail delivery system, and is liaised with top security measures.

Having said that let’s look at some effective ways to safeguard your messages. By following these simple concepts, you can dramatically reduce the chance of your emails being filtered.

1. Filter inactive contacts:

It’s very important to cleanse your database and remove inactive subscribers off the list. Also ensure to replace and add more names of the opt-in subscribers.

2. Segment your contacts:

Start creating a list of users, who are interested in your email subscription. It is advisable to ignore the unengaged user’s list, who aren’t opening your email or marking you as spam.

3. Create engaging content:

Fresh and personalized content always drives high engagement, hence ensure you update and refresh your content regularly.

4. Choose to subscribe:

Give your users the power of decision: to subscribe or unsubscribe. When people do hit unsubscribe, it is advisable to allow them to opt-out and follow regulations laid by the spam rules.

5. Use double opt-in:

Using the double opt-in is the best practice for marketers. It requires users to check their inboxes and confirm the subscription. This process ensures you generate quality leads and that your subscribers have willingly subscribed to your list.

6. Codes in your campaign:

Spam filters often get triggered by chaotic codes, extra tags, or code pulled in from Microsoft Word. Route Mailer templates are user friendly and has compatible formats.

7. Refrain using large images and attachments:

Some filters cannot interpret attachments and large images are often believed to be carrying hidden messages. Hence they get flagged as junk.

8. Shoot a test email:

Send test emails to popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail etc. to see if they go to spam. Try using innovative subject lines and attractive content with test emails,

These are just a few steps that can assist in improving the deliverability of your emails. But if you need a more indigenous platform – Route Mailer could be your choice. The API and user interface enables you to send multiple emails with assured inbox delivery. You can take a look at additional benefits of our advanced enterprise email solution in the product section to enhance your customer experience as well. Applying these tactics adds value to the overall marketing campaign thereby optimizing spends and reducing the bounce rate.

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