According to research, approximately 1.8 billion people now purchase goods online. Consumer behavior showed a 20% increase in time spent on messaging apps daily. The disruptive digital transformation has brought some major shifts in the entire business ecosystem. More local businesses have sprung up as the population worldwide moves towards a self-sustainable model of living.
Small local businesses that are just initiating their operations, as well as large enterprises, both can benefit from multilingual marketing campaigns as the language a brand uses to promote their products and services online is an essential parameter for garnering a customer’s attention to make a purchase.

Viber Business Messages offers one of the significant OTT messaging platforms to help businesses and enterprises interact with their customers in their native language. When an enterprise creates a comfort zone for its customers, greater is the likelihood of retaining them. Language is one of the means to build this comfort zone. Along with rich communication features, Viber Business Messages API comes with multilingual support that helps in increasing conversion rates.

Engage with customers in their native language using Viber’s Rich-Feature Communication.

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4 benefits of Multilingual Marketing Campaigns via Viber Business Messages

English is not the only language now that users are using to communicate online. Along with other demographics, a smart business owner understands the opportunity that a native language marketing beholds. With the help of these vernacular languages, brands can create a new audience market; amplifying their reach.

Here are some of the benefits of multilingual marketing:

Customer base expansion

Location and language barriers are blurred out in the online world. There is a growing need for online translations for businesses to thrive online.

If your customer servicing is done only in one specific language then you lose out on a global base. Using a multilingual audience would help you in creating new business opportunities and expand your markets.

Viber Business Messages API already has a global reach and is used by around 1.1 Billion users in over 190 countries . Businesses aiming towards leveraging this audience base can easily execute a multilingual campaign plan to drive more audience interactions.

Improves engagement

Giving customers what they need in their preferred language helps enterprises to connect better. This brings out deeper insights making communication meaningful and customers are more likely to find purpose in their purchases.

Viber Business Messages API is already equipped with rich communication features leading to interactive messaging. Some of the special features that give businesses a leg up with their communication are as follows:

  • Customized Keyboards for Better Messaging Add personalized buttons, have predefined actions and replies to enhance the user experience, and manage communication flows.
  • Full range of message types suiting every occasion Text, picture, video, pictures, rich media cards, stickers, contacts, URLs to keep your users engaged.
  • Easy-to-discover interactive bots Any Viber user can find the respective brand’s chatbot easily through an updated explore screen. A search is triggered after typing the initial four letters. Businesses can also introduce their bot through a link or a QR code to their existing audience on external communication channels like social media, websites, ads, stickers
  • Facilitate customer purchases Viber Business Messages has got a recent update. Their brand new payment channel allows users to make product or service purchases directly through the bot.

Cost-effective business diversification

Language translation won’t come as an added cost, specifically if it is supported by a platform. Conveying the right information to the right demographics in their own language is an easier way to explore new markets at affordable pricing.

Also, customers express themselves better in their own language. So, when it comes to customer support, it is easier to interact and offer them solutions for all the right needs. This plays a major role in reaching out to untapped markets. For instance, during the unprecedented times when a non-English speaking town needs help with appointment reminders, payments, policy renewal, delivery dates, and any transactional needs, businesses can always take the help of Viber Business Messages’ multilingual support to run a relevant campaign.

Get a competitive advantage

While the English-speaking population is extensive, there are a number of online users whose native language is Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Spanish, to name a few across the world. If you restrict yourself to only India, then there is a considerable language diversity that businesses can leverage on.

When brands are running fluent marketing campaigns in English, you can take it a step ahead, by analyzing the geography and language of users to create focused campaigns ensuring better engagement and conversions.

To sum it all, brands would continue to reap benefits as long as they implement a sound strategy. In this digital era, multilingual marketing builds customer trust and loyalty as the user finds it more relatable. We are in a time when creating relatable content is extremely important for users to take action and make purchases. To learn more about how you can integrate our Viber Business Messages API into your business, contact us right here:

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