It is projected that by 2022, around 3 billion users will choose to access OTT messaging apps for communication. WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram business are growing popular not just for personal communication but for business engagement as well. More and more people are willing to leverage these messaging platforms to build a direct relationship with their customers.

Consumer expectations have evolved with time and customers today prefer to engage with brands that customize and communicate according to their interests. About 72% of consumers engage with marketing and promotional messages from brands that fit their needs. 71% expect real-time responses from brands to communicate in real-time.

One such OTT messaging platform, Viber is garnering attention from all around the world, especially in the Middle East, North African, and Bangladesh markets with its Business Messaging features. However, before diving into an understanding of its effectiveness in delivering enhanced customer support; let’s look into the OTT messaging landscape in these emerging territories.

OTT messaging has its own advantage. These messaging platforms have features enabling real-time personalized communication helping businesses to reach where their customers are. Recently we have conducted a survey that establishes why OTT messaging is the next best thing for improving customer support. The results say it all:

Viber Business Messages offer full-service communications with chatbot capabilities as well as a safe and secure communication experience for any business looking to communicate with clients and staff. Especially, at a time when Slack and Facebook Workplace have shown that there is a tremendous market opportunity in disrupting emails and making enterprise intra-communication more effective than before, Viber Business Messages have shown a steep rise in creating better business opportunities across these regions.

Given the growth in smartphone adoption and engagement, it is not unusual to see people using these OTT messaging apps to schedule work meetings, speak to potential leads or clients manage investments, and beyond.

Why Viber Business Messages?

Simply put, Viber is a rich-media messaging platform that makes communication more conversational using images, emojis, special symbols, images, buttons, and extended statuses. When combined with SMS and email campaigns, Viber Business Messages prove to be a powerful omni-channel tool.

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Viber has a growing global presence. Businesses can leverage the global reach of the platform to amplify their communication. Being a consumer-first platform, it has the potential and tools to attract a larger audience in an impactful way. While the platform targets messages with high еffісіеnсу, it also effectively trасks, monitors, and іmрrоvеs communication as well as аѕ uѕеr іntеrасtіоn. When combined with an omni-channel using a unified API, the Viber potential is magnified.

The platform offers comprehensive support through SMS and chat. Automated failover, detailed delivery reports, actionable insights, and scheduled sending aligned with the respective time zones.

How Viber Business Messages Optimize Customer Support?

Initiating feedback requests, providing online support, lead generation, and making communication interactive, Viber Business has the option to provide 1-Way and 2-Way messaging to enterprises. It’s one of the easiest ways to share updates, information, or special offers.

The Viber Business MessagesViber Business API enables customer-initiated conversations with offline and online marketing tools to resolve inquiries, provide customers with support within the platform and engage customers with valuable messages and content.

Viber Business Messages now come with payment integration too, which helps in easy monetary transactions between two relevant parties.

Businesses can also opt for deep link integration in modules such as “Contact us“ on mobile devices and generate a QR code to get customers to websites and send offline offers.

Business chat apps differ from one another in terms of features, geographic penetration, technical requirements, and local market restrictions. Brands solve these problems by linking their omni-channel with the Viber Business Message API, allowing brands to integrate with multiple apps at one go, via their preferred channel, be it OTT apps, SMS, or voice. Enterprises only pay for delivered messages. It stands out from traditional SMS as it combines text, images & buttons, and status callbacks to help enterprises understand how customers interact over a chat platform. Enterprises can reach customers anywhere in the world by adding time-stamps to Service Messages and conserve money on undelivered messages.

Thus, cost-effective, real-time, and responsive in nature, the Viber Business Messaging API offers a holistic customer support strategy at every step of the customer journey. Click here to learn more about Route Mobile’s Viber Business Messaging API and integration.